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Albert del Rosario: Patriot or Profiteer?

Sass Rogando Sasot When questioned about his conflict of interest about the Reed Bank, Albert del Rosario said: I think that’s unfair. I was working for the country. If Manny benefited from that, we’ll benefit from that. It’s not something … Continue reading

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the new kris: not new enough

kris says she’s leaving the buzz and snn by the end of the month para hindi siya makadagdag-problema sa administrasyon ng kuya niya with her tactless foot-in-mouth ways.   but is that all she’s giving up?   what about the product endorsements? … Continue reading

Midnight CJ and the Four R’s

Rene Saguisag The framers could have said the position of Chief Justice (CJ) should be filled up immediately and that only the CJ could swear in a Prez. They did not. They said any judicial vacancy should be filled up … Continue reading

no guts, no gloria

well the woman has guts, and she really doesn’t care what fvr thinks, much less what wewho-want-her-out think, not as long as there are people in place who continue to support her. but it’s offensive, that happy grin she was … Continue reading

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trying times for villar

seems to me that manny villar is in a lose-lose situation.   damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t, attend the senate trial of the ethics case filed against him by jamby madrigal over the c-5 scandal. says armida siguion-reyna … Continue reading

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