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speaker alvarez, sex videos #everywoman

Speaker Pantaleon “Bebot” Alvarez on Wednesday said he would allow the House of Representatives justice committee investigating the alleged Bilibid drug trade to present the alleged sex scandal of Senator Leila De Lima. … Alvarez called the sex video the … Continue reading

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reeva’s last valentine

the pistorius verdict: not guilty of murder, guilty only of culpable homicide (something like manslaughter) AND BUT still out on bail as he awaits the october 13 sentencing hearing/s — a last month out in the world before he’s locked … Continue reading

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a sexist sandiganbayan

so why does gigi reyes deserve to be treated differently, i.e., so terribly misogynistically badly, with handcuffs yet!  compared to the machos revilla jr. and estrada jr. and the former’s chief of staff richard cambe?  is she allegedly more guilty … Continue reading

Wishes for the Pinay 2014

By  Katrina Stuart Santiago Women’s Month always gets me thinking about the women whose lives affect me every day, and I don’t just mean the few women friendships I keep, the ones who have become my younger sisters, the relatives … Continue reading

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believing deniece

in the spirit of sisterhood, i submit that our feminists could be right, deniece could be telling the truth.  the conventional wisdom, after all, is that no woman would cry rape or attempted rape unless it were true, just because … Continue reading

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egypt on edge, women at risk

watching cnn‘s coverage of giant protests in egypt, take two, i was reminded of edsa dos, of course, and that the foreign press (and erap, too) called it “mob rule” back in 2001.  no such words for the egypt action … Continue reading

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