speaker alvarez, sex videos #everywoman

Speaker Pantaleon “Bebot” Alvarez on Wednesday said he would allow the House of Representatives justice committee investigating the alleged Bilibid drug trade to present the alleged sex scandal of Senator Leila De Lima.

… Alvarez called the sex video the only material evidence to prove De Lima had a relationship with her purported lover, her former driver Ronnie Dayan, who inmates in the national penitentiary and a National Bureau of Investigation official said collected pay-offs for De Lima from the Bilibid drug trade.

mr. speaker, even if those sex videos were proven to be authentic, they would not prove that de lima was the recipient of money allegedly collected by dayan from bilibid druglords atbp.  it is obvious that making those videos public is meant to shame de lima, nothing more.  as if it weren’t bad enough that the prez has seen fit to publicly accuse her of screwing around with whoever.  kailangan pa talagang ipakita, ipalabas, i-exhibit for public viewing sa konggreso, sabay hirit ng isang papoging representante na ito’y “horror” show with “ugly performers”?  the shame’s on you, macho pigs!

this is not to say that i am with #everywoman who “would like to testify in congress” because “it was me in the sex video.”

The hashtag #everywoman on Friday trended in various social media platforms, less to support embattled Senator Leila de Lima and more about taking a stand against gendered attacks launched by certain statesmen.

“gendered attack”???  kung lalaki si de lima, and accused of screwing around with his lady driver allegedly picking up money from criminal gangs in bilibid for his benefit, and there were a sex video of the couple, gagamitin din ‘yan nina alvarez for sure, unless of course the male version of de lima were smart enough to remain calm, cool, and collected, innocent until proven guilty.  i mean, you know, like, vp binay never lost his temper, ever, in the face of all provocation, while de lima in her last presscon was reduced to a screaming banshee, auguring the end of whatever.

the lady doth protest too much when she could be building a defense that will stand up in court.


  1. Hello, My name is Maria, I am a journalist from Moscow. I am trying to write an article about what’s going on in the Philippines and president Duterte’s war on drugs. I found your blog and thought you might give me some insight into this matter.
    My basic question is how these executions and killings actually happen: who are the people, how they are payed and from who, through which channels, who they really kill.
    I would appreciate any help with this at all really, so thank you very much in advance.

    Best regards,
    Maria B.

    • hello, maria :) no prob. those are hard questions and i won’t pretend to have the answers. what i can do is give you some links that might give you a sense of what’s going on. can find and send hopefully in a day or so…

    • @ maria from moscow: here are some links from credible sources. the first two posted in july. the third just this october.

      1 DUTERTE’S WAR: BREAKING BAD? Big kill of small fry, puny drugs haul, defies PNP rules

      2 Assessing the Cost of Duterte’s War on Drugs

      3 Special Report: In Duterte’s war on drugs, local residents help draw up hit lists

      my personal sense is, the police who are doing the killings fall into 2 categories: 1) those who are clean and are following duterte’s orders to shoot if the suspected pushers, users, runners are armed and fight back or attempt to flee, and 2) those who are themselves part of the drug network and who kill off pushers, users, runners who might name or identify them. and of course there are the non-police who are part of the drug network who we deduce are doing the same, that is, killing off people who might point them out to the authorities.

      and yes, no doubt, there are innocents caught in the crossfire. it would be great to know just how many these are. it would help if information on duterte’s legit police operations were available. but just like duterte himself, they do not have communications people who are up to the task of framing and sharing information and of responding to reactions and criticism. everyone’s on defensive mode because of the “outrage” here and abroad about the moral (christian) and humanrights dimensions of deaths without “due process”. going out on a limb here.

      and there is too the very valid complaint/observation that duterte and his police have yet to catch and kill “big fish”. exclusive villages are exempt from raids. duterte says bec the rich do cocaine and heroine, which are “organic” and therefore not as harmful as synthetic shabu. hard to believe that those gated villages do not house some shabu lab and/or dealers of ecstasy and other dangerous synthetic drugs.

      and since “organic” is okay with him, it doesn’t make sense that he can’t take a stand on marijuana. decriminalize it not just for medicinal but recreational purposes.

      hope this helps, maria :))

        • sure, quote away: “Angela Stuart-Santiago”… may i add that i have a personal sense of how widespread is the use of shabu among the youth especially in the rural areas . in my home province two hours away from manila, where i visit and stay twice, thrice a year, it has long been a matter of serious concern. the president does not exaggerate…. oh and please remove the “haha” from end of second paragraph: “going out on a limb here.” in case you use it. thanks, and you’re quite welcome. a soft copy of your piece would be nice. angela@stuartsantiago.com