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GK’s Tony Meloto meltdown

Katrina S.S. I was never sold on Gawad Kalinga. I’ve always equated it with a specific kind of religiosity that to me reeked of conservatism. I also always thought that it became a convenient way to do Corporate Social Responsibility … Continue reading

The world is not flat

By Christian Ryan Maboloc Thomas Friedman is wrong to say in his celebrated book, “The World is Flat,” that the world is always within one’s reach, or just a click away with the use of a mouse. Think, for instance, … Continue reading

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Occupy Wall Street, shades of the sixties

Occupy Wall Street reminds me of the youth unrest in America in the mid 1960s through the ’70s.  except that then (like it was here), the youth were not as focused, i guess because of the drugs, the sex, and … Continue reading

environment 9: sustainable devt

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AS SPIRITUAL AND REVOLUTIONARY PRAXIS Junie Kalaw Toward the end of this century as of the last one, dramatic changes have taken place under the impact of, among others, the industrial revolution, two world wars, struggles for political … Continue reading

do not delete (economic provisions)

verrrry interesting that it took that angry (complete with expletives) december 12 multisectoral anti-chacha rally to provoke former leftist now gma apologist-loyalist alex magno into revealing the real score behind the arroyo administration’s kulit campaign for charter change.   apparently, suko … Continue reading

feeling the fall of america

wow.  who would have thought that we would see the american economy collapse like a house of cards, bringing the whole world down with it.  diyata’t hindi pala invulnerable ang superpower na ito.   diyata’t nagkakamali rin, pumapalpak, bumabagsak.  at … Continue reading


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