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Maximo “Junie” Kalaw (1940-2001)

10 years since he passed away, sylvia mayuga reminds his friends, her friends on facebook.  good to remember via Junie 2001, a piece i wrote in december that year for a small family publication remembering his life and death.

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environment 9: sustainable devt

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AS SPIRITUAL AND REVOLUTIONARY PRAXIS Junie Kalaw Toward the end of this century as of the last one, dramatic changes have taken place under the impact of, among others, the industrial revolution, two world wars, struggles for political … Continue reading

environment 8: population word war

THE POPULATION WORD WAR Junie Kalaw The raging word war between Catholic Church representatives and the indomitable secretary of health on the topic of condoms as a means of addressingour pressing population problem is turning NGOs red with frustration or … Continue reading

environment 7: denr & the poor

THE DENR & SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT (Why The Poor Will Always Be With Us) Junie Kalaw In Mindanao, two years after her historic succession to the presidency, President Aquino, a very religious person, appealed for the help of the citizenry, especially institutions … Continue reading

environment 6: beyond transparency

BEYOND TRANSPARENCY Junie Kalaw The launching of the Coalition for Transparency in Government provided President Corazon Aquino an opportunity to focus on a quality of governance whose absence from the national scene has been a major impediment to honest political … Continue reading

environment 5: ormoc & security

ORMOC: TOWARD ECOLOGICAL SECURITY Junie Kalaw The Philippine environmental crisis took what is possibly its heaviest and cruelest toll on human life in Ormoc City. According to eyewitness reports by survivors, the waters had come abruptly, almost in the wink … Continue reading


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