GK’s Tony Meloto meltdown

Katrina S.S.

I was never sold on Gawad Kalinga. I’ve always equated it with a specific kind of religiosity that to me reeked of conservatism. I also always thought that it became a convenient way to do Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for many-a-Pinoy company: go build houses, get a tax shield!

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  1. GabbyD

    alot of what we know about this comes from the press release. without a transcript, we dont know what he said.

    “the need for Filipino women and their white husbands” from the press release may not actually been said. esp the word “need” here? he might not actually have said it.

    note too that meloto’s reply doesnt really address the “quotes” provided by the center. he is reacting to the labels thrown his way.

    ounce we have a transcript, we can interpret correctly what happened.

  2. Batang Genyo-Ala-eh

    If Meloto really said “the poor has no dignity”, I have heard that before amongs our “educated upper class” society and then, his sentiment and opinion reflects his being an elitist accent.