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day 22: still, unmitigated grief

Why is the Filipino flag not flying at half mast? Instead of fudging the death toll figures, why hasn’t the President declared a period of national mourning? We should be allowed to grieve for the mothers, fathers, daughters and sons … Continue reading

independence day, june 12, macapagal

i laughed inside when i saw this article July 4, not June 12 in the opinion page of inquirer online.  it’s been 50 years since president diosdado macapagal moved it to june 12 (from july 4 which is also america’s … Continue reading

DepEd endorses El Presidente :(

The Emilio Aguinaldo biopic of the country’s first president, and one that revisits the first Philippine Republic, is clearly of quality. In fact it has been graded ‘A’ by the Cinema Evaluation Board (CEB) and is endorsed by Department of … Continue reading

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cha-cha crazy

there they go again, chattering about charter change, as if it were even do-able, what a waste of time.   read fr. joaquin bernas’s Finally a new Constitution in 2011? In my view, one major obstacle to attempts to revise the 1987 … Continue reading


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