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rizal on christ: a divine man

Today is Christmas Eve. This is the feast that I like to celebrate best. It reminds me of the many happy days not only of my childhood but also of history. Whether Christ was born or not exactly on this … Continue reading

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rizal, elias, and the crocodile

excerpt from Revolutionary Routes: Five Stories of Incarceration, Exile, Murder and Betrayal in Tayabas Province, 1891-1980. 2011. pages 256-258. It’s the strangest thing that I’ve “known” Elias since I was a child, but only as a picturesque presence in the garden, of man … Continue reading

Rizal and socialism (3)

By Elmer Ordonez UTOPIAN socialism may well have been an influence on Rizal—considering that his close friend Juan Luna enthused over Le socialisme contemporain, described as “a conflation” of various schools of socialist thought from utopians like St. Simon and … Continue reading

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Rizal and socialism

By Elmer Ordonez In the wake of recent conferences/lectures on Jose Rizal, one theme about Rizal is worth revisiting—his encounter with socialism in all its hues in Europe and how he used it in his novels. Two dominant strains of … Continue reading

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rizal’s twist of death

i’ve always been fascinated by rizal’s final act of defiance, twisting around to die on his back with his face to the sun. He took his stand facing the bay, his back to the rising sun. The drums rolled, the … Continue reading

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cha-cha crazy

there they go again, chattering about charter change, as if it were even do-able, what a waste of time.   read fr. joaquin bernas’s Finally a new Constitution in 2011? In my view, one major obstacle to attempts to revise the 1987 … Continue reading


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