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NELSON MANDELA (1918-2013)

If you read just one thing about Nelson Mandela today, make it his historic speech at the opening of his 1964 trial for “sabotage”: I am the first accused. I hold a bachelor’s degree in arts and practised as an … Continue reading

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independence day, june 12, macapagal

i laughed inside when i saw this article July 4, not June 12 in the opinion page of inquirer online.  it’s been 50 years since president diosdado macapagal moved it to june 12 (from july 4 which is also america’s … Continue reading

Freedom of the editor

Should a paper present, in the national interest, only the shining aspects of the nation? Why concentrate on the ugly as the Philippine press seems to be doing? What sort of an image does the Philippines have abroad? Personally, I … Continue reading

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Dismissal won’t make us go away

By Marian Pastor Roces We are told off: with freedom comes responsibility. As though we didn’t know. As though we — the cyber-throng quick-witted enough to recognize bs thrown at us — don’t know, uhhhm, shit.

roby’s romance with “freedom”

last october katrina was in the audience of tedxdiliman, the first in manila that was open to the public, sort of (one had to ask to be invited).  having watched ted videos before via joel, i had high expectations and … Continue reading

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