the krip & willie show

i hear the kill-willie burgis elements are lying low.   i wonder why.   good, if it’s to rethink the issue of child abuse, which is different from willie abuse.   good, if it’s to take stock and see that if you don’t watch local tv, if you don’t watch willie, and all you could be bothered to take in was the spliced/edited youtube video, then you don’t have a right to make any kind of judgement, which should never be removed from the context of Filipino mass culture, no matter how baduy or kadiri-to-death to burgis sensitivities.   good, if the self-righteous burgis elements are beginning to realize that the kill-willie save-janjan noise is a lynch-mob show of power that could should be used to fix government, fix the economy, fix the environment, fix education.   they’re just not up to it?   television’s dreadfulness is merely a reflection of filipino society’s larger dreadfulness, and it’s unfair to single out willie when everybody else in corridors of power are being as dreadful, if in more subtle, sometimes unthinking, ways.

in academe, i see that the plagiarist’s friends are very quiet, simply incapable, it would seem, of drawing a line between right and wrong — the friendship, the utang na loob, the samahan, are just too important.   instead they draw a line between friends and not-friends.   values of honesty and integrity can go hang.

lem garcellano puts it quite graphically:

…para lang kasong jan-jan yan. di ka ka-tropa, luto ka sa sarili mong mantika. hindi nila masikmurang i-crispy pata si Krip. kasi isalang mo ang isa, lahat sasagitisit sa isang kawa. (parang pagluluto ng bulig sa Bulacan, buhay pa ibubuhos lahat sa kawa ng kumukulong mantika tapos sasakluban. maririnig mo yung kasag ng dahandahang pagkamatay).  *let’s see them fry their own kind*

nah, this doesnt look like a social media lynch mob that would have the guts to lynch its own kind; the other kind, yes.   halatang halata in the krip case, because of the silence, and in the willie case, because of the hysteria.

the silence must be because they agree with krip’s lame excuse that since he had edited the work of joble considerably, kanya na yon?  i wish he or joble would show us the original and the edited so we can see the truth of that.   but even so,  the fact that he allowed the article to be published only with joble’s byline only means that he as editor gave up all rights to the material.   he can’t eat his cake (binayaran siya as editor) and have it, too (kanya pa rin ang artikulo as co-author).

as for the willie hysteria,  here’s a treat from james cordova, he whose profile pic is a pic of macario sakay.   a series of irreverent fb jabs at some leaders of the lynch mob.

@Momblogger, one of the noisiest anti-Willie Revillame bloggers who harassed advertisers into pulling out their ads from Willing Willie, admits that she doesn’t watch TV. And yet she judges its content? Is she on drugs or something. Hypocrites. 7:11 pm yesterday

At ikaw Emily Abrera, magtigil ka! You ran McCann-Erickson for years. Among your clients are the same advertisers who supported what you now denounce as TV game shows that dumb down Filipinos. Nakaupo ka lang sa CCP akala mo kung sino ka nang magsalita. Hypocrite! 7:15 pm yesterday

At ikaw John Silva, ikaw na hitad ka, wag kang magmalinis dahil, sa totoo lang, what you’re doing — seeking grants just for the sake of seeking grants and teaching others to do it — is pangraraket at panggagamit din ng ibang tao. Kung gusto niyo tulungan si Janjan, tulungan niyo lang. Wag niyo ng gamitin ang bata para lang mailabas nyo ang pagkamuhi niyo sa mga baduy na kagaya ni Willie Revillame. 7:27 pm yesterday

Ikaw naman Etta Rosales, grow some balls naman. Wag ka kaagad nagpapadala sa ingay ng ilang taong nag-aastang promoter and protector of good taste ng mga Pilipino. Dilawan ka na nga sa pulitika, dilawan ka pa rin sa isyu na to? Naknangtokwa ka.  7:32 pm yesterday

At ikaw Honey Carandang, una, palitan mo na palayaw mo. Kadiri pakinggan na Honey tawag sa isang may edad na na tulad mo. Pangalawa, ayusin mo naman yang practice mo. Wag kang pagamit sa ABS-CBN. Just because ikaw daw ang pinakasikat na child psychologist sa bansa e puede ka ng mag-diagnose sa isang bata without even talking to him first. (Regards kay Ricky.)  7:35 pm yesterday

At ikaw Dinky Soliman, ayusin mo trabaho mo. Sa kaso ni Janjan, saka lang kayo umaksyon nung nag-ingay na sa Internet, almost 2 weeks after the March 12 episode. Dapat March 13 pa lang, nagwala na kayo. E pinalampas niyo pa ilang araw. Ano hinintay niyo – matuyo ang highlights mo? Ang labas tuloy, ginawa niyo lang ito kasi may nag-ingay. E paano kung wala? (Lose the highlights, by the way. It affects your thinking.) 7:40 pm yesterday


  1. for the jan-jan issue, it began well. a lot of the early tweets were “i think its child abuse”, or “please look at the video and see if its child abuse”.

    thats good. regulatory agencies have to many many things. watching willie religiously isnt one of them. so vigilance and civic action on the part of the viewer is essential.

    but it turned real ugly really fast. without any additional information, the tweets, statuses, etc transformed from one of relative humility to that of absolute certainty.

    some of the things people complained about werent even on the video.

    and then, people stopped commenting on the alleged abuse, but chimed in to say how horrible willie is, that he’s making people dependent, its dumbing down TV, etc.

    i applaud being concerned. but where did the humility go? where did their reasonableness go?

  2. self-regulation, perhaps, died it down.

    at least kay willie parang may “preventive suspension.”

    kay krip ba meron?

    mas lalo na sa tulfo-rogas tandem…ano’ng parusa?

  3. i’m ok with your remark. i think the impt thing here is to explain as simply as possible your ethical objection.

    so your number one objection is that kids cant gyrate (dance in a swaying manner).

    your view (correct me if i’m wrong) is that there is no context in which this is acceptable. namely, as an element of a joke where the double entendre is negated by the clear implication that they were singing about the masahista.

    the next question is: why? usually, context tends to make things acceptable.

    second, and this is just additional info that may be relevant — if you are against this, you should be against kids dancing traditional hawaian dances in grass skirts and bikini tops. even though this is the traditional way of presenting this dance.

  4. manuelbuencamino


    Isn’t it remarkable that UP studes and alums who raised a howl on the Castillo plagiarism and asked for his removal from the Court are silent on Mr Yuson? Where are the petitions, editorials, and letters to editors?

  5. as for krip, there really ought to be professional repercussions. but its tough.

    when doris kearn goodwin and stephen ambrose were caught, they’d offer explanations similar to yusons.

    their punishments were largely professional nature. they didnt get as many jobs as “experts” in their subject matter.

    i expect the same for yuson – no more sports stories from him, no TV appearances, etc.

    but, like goodwin and ambrose, yuson can come back by continuing to write.

  6. Yuson’s was worse than Ambrose and his excuse was actually the damning part. He might have just said he forgot because he was old and since he edited the piece forgetting that it wasn’t his was excusable for such an old man. Bu his ego probably couldn’t take it, and he had to add that he should get a piece of the authorship because he edited it. This is both stupid and clearly illustrates incompetence on his part. He misunderstands authorship, deeply misunderstands it, proving my long-held opinion that writers like Yuson are glorified grammarians – comparable to decorators not artists.

    Don’t forget, after some digging, Ambrose was actually found out to be a long-term plagiarist. So guys, I already have a copy of Voyeurs and Savages but can’t find the other novel in any bookstore. Finding plagiarism in poetry is near impossible if you’re not a critic or an archivist, so I’ll stick with the prose works. Anyone has the book? I’ll probably have time during the Holy Week.

    I think plagiarism is part of one’s character. It’s about priorities. If a writer’s priority is to sound “writerly” then he probably has a better chance of committing plagiarism compared to a writer who values originality and honesty in his thoughts and feelings above all else.

    This passage from slate can help as well in understanding Yuson:

    “Plagiarists steal for reasons both profound and mundane. In a few cases, plagiarism flows from some deep psychological wellspring: Epstein, the son of eminent literary parents, stole so much and from such an obvious source that he was clearly “committing literary suicide,” writes Mallon. Some writers plagiarize because they are rushing a project through and probably don’t think they’ll get caught. Some are just exceptionally careless. (Plagiarists do not transgress for the same reasons that fabulists such as Stephen Glass or Patricia Smith do. Click here for why.)”

    And go here:

  7. And this:

    “Plagiarists are almost always bright, Mallon notes, and they often write better than those they rob. Shalit, for example, writes like a sparkler, yet stole routine material to fill out her pieces. Ambrose’s books are gripping. Samuel Taylor Coleridge, one of the English language’s masters, thieved huge parcels from German writers.”

    Now if you are so “un-American” as to disagree that talent and education washes away one’s sins, then I just don’t know…

  8. “And as I’ve already disclosed to both Howie Severino, EIC of GMAnews Online, and Mari Ugarte, EIC of Rogue, in all truth, the quotation marks and initial attribution to Rey Joble and GMANews Online were dropped, intentionally by me as the marks made the chunk look so clunky. I thought I’d work the credits back in somehow, once I was about to finalize the submission for Rogue. That didn’t happen, and that’s my grievous fault.”

    UNBELIEVABLE. Quotation marks make it look so clunky?!? God, this guy is lucky he’s in R.P. What an amazing MF. Is this academic impunity? Oh, I didn’t think my student who only gets an A- deserves such a brilliant idea, so I simply reworded it and made it my own. Oh, I forgot whose writing it was given the fact I was the editor. Oh, I already asked Father Reuters and Inigo Zobel Ayala for forgiveness. If they forgave me so should you. Oh, my friend the Nobel Laureate says it’s OK, so tough.

    So what, he removed the quotation marks but forgot to inform his editor in some way or form? Putang ina. Mga gago yang kumakampi sa taong ito. Dapat tumawa tayo sa tangang palusot na ito pero alam natin, through experience, baka makalusot talaga. Grabe yung mga elite dito sa Pinas, ang gagago talaga.

  9. I doubt he consulted the editors of rogue and gma news before opening his mouth again. If both editors support his line of reasoning then they are directly involved in this stupidity. They should speak up.

  10. actually, plagiarism is a private crime, no?

    if the editor and the original writer is satisfied by whatever concessions/deals/apologies were made, then it should be ok.

    angela, i remember a writer from abs took from your book. whatever happened to that case?

  11. its not my definiton, if journalistic articles are copyrighted, then thats the property of the rights holder. violations of property is private, protection is the responsibility of the copyright holder.

  12. JOM, i was responding to Brian’s link. there, plagiarism is linked to copyright, and it says…

    if the piece is copyrighted, then plagiarism == copyright infringement

    if its not copyrighted, then there might still be plagiarism, but not infringement.

  13. GabbyD, naranasan mo na bang ma-plagiarize? Naranasan mo na bang paghirapan yung sinulat mo ng ilang araw, ilang oras, tapos may gagong magnanakaw nun at ilalagay pa ang pangalan niya? Tapos pag nahuli, ang lakas pa ng loob na i-justify yung mali niyang ginawa?

    There’s nothing private about plagiarism. It’s theft.

  14. @sam

    yes, all theft is embarrassing. but i was talking about the legal status of plagiarism.

    anyways, hindi pa sumasagot si howie, who is definitely one of the aggrieved parties here. sabi nya sa blog ni cordoba, there’s an ethics investigation. lets see what happens.

  15. @Gabby. Copyright exists from the moment of creation. There are exceptions to copyright coverage, such as basic knowledge, facts, government documents, etc. Plagiarism is infringement because it violates the author’s right to attribution, although of course the author could cede that right by being a paid ghost writer, for example, or by just keeping quiet. That last route seems to be the preference of some, so we can “move on.”