the horror

The only thing worse than Bam Aquino running on a lack of experience and no history of leadership —because his brand of microfinance doesn’t count—is Kris Aquino speaking about the Tarlac governorship like it’s already hers in 2016.

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  1. manuel buencamino

    As a generaI rule I prefer to look for leadership qualities in executive positions – president, governor, mayor, barangay captains. Congress is not a good training ground gor leadership because members of congress are primarily representatives. They are our water carriers. They have to be able to articulate and promote our interests through legislation and their oversight functions. Unfortunately, we pick our leaders from Congress. (Probably because they are more high profile.) And so we see representatives, with no executive experience whatsoever other than managing their congressional staff, using their tenure in congress as an audition for the presidency.

    People about to begin a career in politics have to be taught that the highest recognition of ability etc for a legislator is Speaker or Senate President and not the Presidency. Different sets of skills are required for each career track. They are parallel tracks.

    A political leader can also come out of the private sector, as long as the wannabe has a leadership track record.