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the anti-binay show

it’s interesting, no, intriguing, that we are seeing quite a parade of witnesses who worked with/for the veep back when he was makati mayor now testifying against him in the senate probe.  i wonder how much that’s costing whom.  what … Continue reading

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Casino democracy

By Edilberto C. de Jesus The title I owe to Benedict Anderson, the eminent scholar of Southeast Asian history and politics. Studying the electoral landscape, Anderson described the Philippine system as “politics in a well-run casino.” His starting point was … Continue reading

didn’t vote

i had always voted, since the late 1960s when i came of age. never voted for marcos, but he kept winning.  voted for cory in 86 but she was cheated and had to mount the huge protest that led to … Continue reading

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“junk the dynasts”

The case against political dynasties, after all, is very strong. First is the constitutional issue. Article II, Section 26 of the Constitution explicitly prohibits political dynasties. That Congress, as it provides, has not as yet defined what a political dynasty … Continue reading

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i disagree with conrado de quiros that … something has changed, and that is the public expectation of cheating. Few now seriously consider we’d be back in Arroyo’s time when it could be expected as a matter of course. Though … Continue reading

the horror

The only thing worse than Bam Aquino running on a lack of experience and no history of leadership —because his brand of microfinance doesn’t count—is Kris Aquino speaking about the Tarlac governorship like it’s already hers in 2016. Read on

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