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blitzing the binays

on august 20, just 45 days from now, it will be a whole year that the senate blue ribbon subcommittee has been investigating, pounding on, the binays, father and son, for alleged corruption and other sins.  the hearing on july … Continue reading

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Is it the end of Binay?

Marvin A. Tort With his resignation from the Cabinet last Monday, it appears to be the beginning of the end for Vice-President Jejomar Binay’s presidential ambition. Amid corruption allegations and ongoing investigations, his poll numbers are down. Based on the … Continue reading

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the anti-binay show

it’s interesting, no, intriguing, that we are seeing quite a parade of witnesses who worked with/for the veep back when he was makati mayor now testifying against him in the senate probe.  i wonder how much that’s costing whom.  what … Continue reading

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Binay redux

By Ma. Lourdes N. Tiquia Jejomar Binay, vice president of the Philippines, delivered a prepared speech for a total of 21 minutes with all the trappings of the higher office save the seal. He was focused on the bigger audience … Continue reading

year-end gripes, and a dream

parang not since the impeachment trial of erap 2000-2001 has the holiday break been so politically charged.

konting ulan, baha agad

it’s bad enough that the state of our environment is so degraded that an hour or even less of heavy rain brings flash floods and gates-of-hell kind of traffic; what’s worse is hearing the same old crap from MMDA officials … Continue reading

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