the anti-binay show

it’s interesting, no, intriguing, that we are seeing quite a parade of witnesses who worked with/for the veep back when he was makati mayor now testifying against him in the senate probe.  i wonder how much that’s costing whom.  what ex-deals, trade-offs, quid pro quos, are being transacted behind the scenes.  surely the binays are hurting, but is the veep going to blink and give up his 2016 run for the presidency?  hmm, sana, lalo na’t type pala niya i-chacha ang economic provisions ng constitution, and who knows what else, argh.   samantala, high na high naman ang tatlong senador na matatayog rin ang ambisyon, wheeee, nagbabaliktaran na!  i suppose they think this is winning them pogi points, i mean, votes for whatever whenever, but really it is also evoking reactions like, eh pare-pareho lang naman sila, nakakainis, nagmamalinis!  pro-chacha rin kaya?  i may not see it in my lifetime, but i’m hoping that when next the pinoy public is made to watch a spectacle like this ay tunay nang malinis at kapita-pitagan ang senadong naghuhusga.


  1. There exists a cycle of corruption. Each administration, perhaps, has its own unique style.

    No administration will ever minimize or get rid of corruption without curing this cycle or the “weder-weder lang” syndrome.


    Cynics are born each day if the police still needs policing, if the lawmakers still need to obey laws, if the officers of the court still need to be jailed, if the managers still need to be managed, and if leaders still need to be led.

  2. “. . . made to watch a spectacle like this . . . ” My television has a button I can press to tune out, so no one makes me watch. Indeed, it is great television, unmatched drama, blockbuster surprises, special effects (bags on the table, slides and video), villains and good guys, the playing of politics the way it is meant to be played in a vibrant democracy. Lives are being made and broken with each show. Grab a beer and pass the popcorn . . . this is history live . . .

  3. manuel buencamino

    I am glad those people testified. They confirm everything we have heard about Binay and family. More power to the senators conducting the hearings. I don’t care what their motives are. I don’t care if those investigating are crooks themselves. If they are crooks their time will come but for now….good job!

    • yu said:
      September 27, 2014 at 9:43 pm

      it looks like Binay is dragging the credibility of his supporters: Poe, Escudero, Saguisag, etc. If they continue their silence, then their political future would look bleak.

      The blatant deception is invisible even to the eyes of the President of the Philippines, PNoy!

      From a “Makati City Hall Parking. Building” as specifically stated in ALL the ordinances and resolutions of Makati City’s Sangguniang Panlungsod…

      To a “Makati City Hall Building II

      From a mere parking building in the drawing plans and final decision to an ambitious new City Hall building.

      Why just make a parking building when you can always jack up the ‘tongpats’ to skyrocket high?

      Politicians’ (of yore) fondness to “sky is the limit” SOP is no longer the norm because they already went past earth’s atmosphere.

      Time to ground them and stop the SOPs.

  4. It’s Binay’s own mistakes that will cause his downfall. He did not know the value of a true and loyal friendship that will remain true and loyal no matter that whatever hardships/troubles ever come their way.
    It would not be really credible if it’s only former Vice Mayor Mercado who testified against him but his former allies and so-called friends are coming out as a cohesive group out to destroy him as he is intent on doing the same to them.
    He ought to read this quote which could convince him to face the Senate hearings if he still got the balls to confront his accusers. The writer said that,”All problems become smaller if you don’t dodge them but confront them.”

    • Binay doesnt need to face the Senate, after all Peping Cojuangco, Chiz Escudero and the Aquino clan,except perhaps Pinoy, are already in his bag. As lawyer,he knows he cannot afford to expose himself unnecessarily. His mistake is he wants the presidency so early he gave his enemies enough time to destroy his credibility. He feels too presidential to answer the charges and will try to ignore them as politically motivated. Anyway, lets see if the Ombudsman will do their share to act on charges filed against him.

  5. remembering rene cayetano, the dad.
    “Who benefited from the unusual surge in the price of BWRC shares? Perhaps Alan and Pia Cayetano would know the answer. Even Teofisto Guingona 3rd is welcome to volunteer a response if he had listened to his old man’s “I accuse” privilege speech in the Senate. He might even know the direct object of the transitive verb his father used.”