katrina, sarah, facebook

katrina a.k.a. radikalchick is blogging again, hurray!   check out her post on randy and sarah (mabuhay, vic agustin!) and another on the rich-in-black shopping for art (how rich talaga) and another on the latest harry potter flick (tears for dumbledore).

and to her dear friends and allies (you know who you are) who are upset dismayed aghast that she has deactivated her facebook account, what can i say, other than to assure you that she’s okay, she’s coping, she’s functioning, she’s fine, as fine as one can be, given what she’s been through and continues to go through.

it’s a different world, literally and figuratively, that she’s moving around these days, and facebook was all about u.p. and ateneo, reminder of a past life that’s over for now.

i confess, i was surprised, but i was glad (seemed to me way overdue pa nga) even if i sorta miss facebook, haha.   she had given me her password so i could check it out once in a while.   indeed, occasionally, i found something worth lifting and quoting, even found some old friends (also from a past life) who may have befriended her to let me know they’re still alive.

but in the last few months katrina had been barely status-ing, really, and whenever she did, it said very little about her true status anyway.   her blog is more telling, i would think.

fair warning though:  she’s seriously considering a change of SIM.   now that would be radikal!


  1. Hindi ko alam kung ano sa partikular ang mga problemang hinaharap ni Ina. Nabalitaan ko lang in general.

    Sana patuloy pa siyang magsulat. Maraming nagbabasa sa kanya at nagagalingan sa kanyang magsulat.

    She’s a beautiful person, inside out — at lumalabas iyan sa mga isinusulat niya.

    Tiwala akong maaalpasan niya ang panahon at sitwasyong ito.