Satur Sulit

How truly remarkable that in this our great Anarchy
there should reign a successful order in society
to wit, an order not deriving from achievement of government
enforcement of laws or performance of taxes
but rooted in the natural necessity of us Homosapiens
to organize ourselves for our survival and enjoyment
in the face of life’s difficulties and vicissitudes of each day.

It is self-propagation, natural and autonomic, and why
despite all the havoc that governments would wreak
the poor are survived, the nation is fed
and we wake up each morning, alive not dead.

But all is not well: the commons are untended
our rivers are lifeless, our forests in ruins, the country ravaged
by culprit governments designed by law to conquer and plunder
to collateralize the nation and trade our futures
for an alternative order of Progress and Civilization
of Homosapiens re-invented in the service of rulers.

The masses stand away, we’ve seen it long enough
we know civilized society–a life of master-and-slavery
where ascendant are those who wield the most money
and thwart the law best, an arena full of warriors
aching for power with armies behind them
government is the prize, it is syndicated pillage
the laws are to hide behind, to hold people hostage

Be wary at all times, steer clear of their long arms
better lawless, apart, survivors in the wild
in the nature of us beings, Homosapiens at large.