kamoteng kahoy & cancer

conventional medicine continues to dismiss laetrile therapy as quackery but my sister swears by it.   in her latest blogpost Cassava: The Local Laetrile she tells her stories of how even terminal cancer patients who can’t afford laetrile have been helped by the vitB17-rich kamoteng kahoy.   chewed raw in small quantities for the juice, or mashed and used as poultice, this lowly root relieves pain and even closes oozing ulcers.


  1. angela,
    despite the morphine and other alternative palliative measures that the hospital is providing me, I still look for the food that your sister is recommending. Walang kamoteng kahoy, meron cassava cake (hehehe) pero I was able to buy dried apricot. Expensive nga. Tapos nabasa ko nut pala. Wala akong makitang nuts. Ngayon panay papak ko ng apricot.

    wala namang mawawala kung hindi pera. pag binigyan ka na ng taning at gumagapang ka na sa sakit, kahit anong maaring makapagpabawas ng sakit, susunggaban mo.

    i still feel myself lucky dahil karamihan sa kababayan natin ay namamatay ng hindi man lang makapagpachemo dahil sa malaking halaga.

  2. Che alday

    Hi. Im very interested about your blog on your sister. May i ask where to get the dried apricot and how did kamoteng kahoy help your sis? My friend is fighting colon cancer. I am in dire need of help for alternative meds. Thanks!