christmas 2010

if memory serves, not since the erap impeachment trial of 2000 has the holiday season been as politically charged as this one.   the acquittal of hubert webb et al continues to be front page news, with former nbi directors exchanging barbs and brickbats.   the dissing of the truth commission is still a sore point among the anti-gma.   the release of senator antonio trillanes et al and of ex-general carlos garcia on the right, and of the morong 43 (38?) on the left, have raised temperatures anew among ideologues, hard and soft, die-hards and half-bakeds.   and what about the conyo catfight on twitter between carlos celdran and james cordova over COMMUNISM, the big bad word, no less, what fun!   waiting with not bated breath for the tibaks to not weigh in, why not nga ba, ever (joma, are you there)?  

on the lighter babaw side the absence of twink macaraig from the brew for two consecutive episodes even if she’s been seen anchoring the news until yesterday has raised eyebrows, wazzup wazzup?   was it esposo’s philstar column berating her for “recklessly speculating” about the consequences for alfaro etc., or was it her remarks on the brew re tv patrol being too showbizzy , or whoa could it be that something she said about krissyleaky?   reminds me of an fb status that asked whether a news anchor loses some credibility when she also dishes out personal opinions on a sosyal venue like the brew.   or something like that.   sayang, di ko na mahanap, valid question it is.   but wait, carlosceldran just twitted that twink will be back next week, abangan, baka naman nagshopping nga lang.   meanwhile, truce muna.   merry christmas muna to one and all ;))


  1. yeah, that twist on morong 43 was so interesting. i saw headstart where they made their claims.. wow! someone is lying, but i wonder who it is….

    anyway, merry christmas and happy new year to you!