jun lozada, gma, and the rice crisis

jun lozada should rethink his campaign to expose gma’s involvement in the nbn-zte bribery scandal.

the rice crisis simply trumps all other issues and naturally we are distracted, not just by the implications for the very poor and the not-so-poor and the medyo-poor who have long been barely able to buy the cheapest rice, but also our minds are busy trying to make sense of the information offered by media about rice supply and demand, and government subsidies, and global shortages, the better to get a grasp of what’s really going on and why.

jun can’t blame us if we have stopped to watch gma do her thing, praying she can find ways to remedy the situation short-term and long-term, because this time really we don’t want her to fail, or we would be facing prospects of food riots.

it doesn’t mean that we don’t want her to resign or be ousted for her sins against the constitution and the seventh and eighth commandments, but until more nbn-zte whistleblowers come out jun would be wise to go with the flow, expand his rhetoric, get into the rice problem, explain it as a failure of policy, a consequence of gma’s blind embrace of globalization, which clearly indicates a lack of foresight and vision.

not everyone loves jun lozada. still there is no denying that he has the ear of the nation. if he would polish his act and upgrade his message, he would do the nation a great service.