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thanks to anna de brux for asking:

Youmean to say that sex education is still not part of the school curriculum in Pinas? That accounts for the phenomenal population ‘explosion’ in the country.”

there is some “sex education” going on in the higher elementary grades and in high school but mostly just about the anatomy, and mostly vague about how male and female get together in sexual intercourse, and how babies are made. i suppose educators are held back by the same factors as parents from explaining in some detail how to avoid pregnancy, which is the fear that the kids might take it as a license to have sex as long as no one gets pregnant.

what we need are some creative minds working on how to get sexual information across in a manner that encourages objectivity and equips kids with the necessary information about hormones and libido so that they are not entirely at the mercy of sexual urges.


  1. Angela — no wonder kids go around experimenting for themselves.

    I’ve just been told that a nephew of mine who’s only not even 18 has just gotten his classmate pregnant. I suppose he’s now part of the of statistics on sex-uneducated Pinoy kids.

    I asked my sister in law if the “couple” wanted to keep the baby — apparently the kids wanted it but didn’t know how they would feed the baby! Sanamagan! (Of course, huge chunk of the blame goes to brother and his wife.)

  2. In La Salle Greenhills grade school (back in the 70’s), we had some form of sex education. However, the lesson i got out of it was that the wife will get pregnant just by sleeping beside her husband. That’s how vague it was.

  3. in st. scho high school back in the 60s, the nuns were more specific, as in we could get pregnant daw if we let boys kiss us, or if we swam in the same pool as boys, and we believed them!

  4. brian jay

    As it was, sex education is a very sensitive issue.

    The Government can only do its best to limit or censor obscenity in media as a response to make it less influencial.

    Schools can make an entire subject out of it and have students pass the exams. However, that is no guarantee for teens not to explore the subject.

    Best way to tap this issue is at home. A good children-parent relationship will solve a lot of problems that will make every child an educated, responsive and civilized member of society.

    As parents of this new generation, let us move closer to our children and foster love, care, involvement and understanding to our children’s lives.