the senator’s daughter

pregnant at 18. what a bummer for bong revilla and lani mercado, no matter what they say (now that they’re over the shock and the shame) that it’s okay, they did their best, hindi sila nagkulang sa pangaral, hindi naman nila kayang magbantay 24/7, siguro talagang destiny niya na mag-asawa ng maaga tulad ng magulang niya.

in fairness to inah, nag-sorry naman siya sa magulang, which means she knows how deeply she has disappointed them. and, i suppose, it is to her credit that she is prepared to suffer the traditional consequences, as in goodbye freedom and maidenhood, hello marriage and motherhood. how brave.

but i think it is even braver to buck the system, like rosanna roces’ 16-year old daughter did when, in the same “happiness ahead” circumstances some years ago with an 18-year old brother of inah, she opted for single motherhood. the idea being, to wait, finish their studies while getting to know each other better. there’s more to a relationship than sex.

strike two na ito kay senator revilla – first a son, now a daughter. clearly, parents need help in the sexual education of their children, never mind the catholic church. clearly, there ought to be a law mandating sex education in all schools and universities. let’s hope the message is not lost on the senator.


  1. hey anna, aha you got me there. actually there’s some sort of “sex education” going on. mostly anatomical. mostly vague about intercourse and how and when pregnancy happens, much less about hormones and the difference between love and lust. so really kids get nothing out of it. thanks for the question. i’ll do an update to clarify ;)