for a change

so did cocoy really say anything new? manolo is right, the dream of a nontraditional political party that we all could support, thereby doing away with trapo incumbents and their family dynasties, lock stock and barrel, is not new. what’s new is the level of rage. he is so “fucking” angry. such passion. such youth.

interestingly enough, what set him off was the idea that nonviolent resistance isn’t futile, which is to say, don’t let up on this lying cheating stealing president. cocoy thinks this is divisive and crappy – gma is not the problem, the system is. and so he calls for “good people” to step up, form a political party, and run for election in 2010. how simple.

manolo’s right, resistance isn’t futile. not to show signs of resistance would send the message that we don’t care, it’s all right, go ahead and do what you want. in fact we do care, it’s not all right, stop whatever you’re doing. never mind that no one seems to be hearing it but us.

gma IS the problem. apart from the lying cheating and stealing, she could have fulfilled promises she made, such as good governance, but she didn’t. she it is who has the power to change the rotten system, but she does not. instead she makes the system stronger by the day. 2010 might be an illusion.

but let’s say 2010 is truly there for the taking. i’d say the call for “good people” is premature. first we need a sense of what’s “good” for our purposes. how much change do we want? will anti-corruption anti-cheating, population and information measures be enough because the economic and foreign policies are okay naman?

or do we want persons good enough to tackle the economy, and globalization, and rice, and power, and education, and garbage – the whole rotten system that is tied up with unregulated capitalism and unscrupulous foreign creditors?

these good people have to be really good, really brave, and adequately informed so they know what patterns they’re breaking from and what new patterns they’re creating for future generations.

and we the people have to be very clear what we want them to do in our name. i’d want them to have a bias for the filipino masses, and to stand up, rather than grovel, to mighty america, crafty china, and wily japan. for a change. sana kayo rin.


  1. True enough, we should resist since the alternative is not only non-palatable but would be a resounding disaster. I fear though if we wait for 2010, it might be too late. Check out the weather and its effects in the Philippines, the Southeast Asian region and worldwide. If the natural calamities worsen and we do not place contingencies now, it will be hard for our nation to cope come 2010. If so, I have only this current administration to blame.