jpepa na, cha-cha pa

what’s with the senate?!?

as if it weren’t bad enough that our “honorable” senators seem seriously bent on ratifying the jpepa, never mind that it violates our constitution, the terms are lopsided in favor of the japs at the expense of pinoys, and it would be the final nail on the coffin, burying forever any chance we have of getting out of the globalization trap, here comes a resolution signed by 12 senators calling for a con-ass to revise the constitution and establish a federal system of government. ano ba yan! would such a new constitution by any chance also serve to accommodate jpepa?

even if i were to concede na kailangan natin ng charter change, surely now is not the time, not while gma is still around, and surely not through a constitutent assembly but through a proper constitutional convention. i mean you know, congress is part of the problem, so why should we trust its members to amend the constitution?

the senators who jointly authored the resolution: aquilino pimentel, manny villar, ed angara, pia cayetano, johnny enrile, chiz escudero, jinggoy estrada, gringo honasan, ping lacson, kiko pangilinan, and bong revilla. and i thought that pimentel, villar, cayetano, escudero, estrada, lacson, and pangilinan were oppositionists!

that leaves noynoy aquino, joker arroyo, pong biazon, alan peter cayetano, miriam santiago, dick gordon, lito lapid, loren legarda, jamby madrigal, mar roxas, sonny trillanes, and migs zubiri. zubiri has already said he’s all for it, why am i not surprised. and if joker, miriam, dick, and lito lapid vote according to the wishes of the palace as usual, that would make 16, and we’re cooked.