cha-cha in the senate – chika lang?

what’s with senator chiz escudero?!?

I may be one of the 12 authors but I will withdraw my signature when voting comes. . . . Let us debate and gather facts and that’s it. I prefer to fight for the retention of the presidential system.”

so bakit bakit bakit siya pumirma? nakikisama kay senator nene pimentel?

Senator Francis Joseph Escudero said he signed the document with reservations, because Senate Minority Leader Aquilino Pimentel Jr. had assured him it would only be used to open a debate and gather facts.”

ganoon. so hindi pala serious, nakoryente ako for nothing, joke only, the senate is just having some fun, nanggugulo lang, to distract us from the food and oil crisis, and i suppose, nang-iinis lang, dahil wala silang magawa, dahil hindi sila makaeksena sa rice drama, dahil sila rin, tulad ni gma at ng lower house, walang foresight, walang vision for the country, magaling lang sa pulitika, magaling lang kumita.

but wait. sey ni mon casiple:

The Pimentel move is supported by 10 senators, including Senate President Manny Villar. What gives? The logical suspicion–given the consistent anti-cha-cha position of most senators is that it is a gambit essentially to preempt a reportedly serious Palace decision to launch a charter change initiative in the few months remaining before the 2010 election fever sets it. It is a political thrust designed to control the tempo on the issue and prevent it from endangering the 2010 elections.”

iyan din ang suspicion sa New Philippine Revolution:

Notice that the ones who co-signed the resolution were also strong oppositors to cha-cha, especially Senate President Manuel Villar and Senators Pia Cayetano, Juan Ponce Enrile, Francis Escudero, Jinggoy Estrada, Gregorio Honasan, Panfilo Lacson, Francis Pangilinan and Ramon Revilla Jr. The voting crossed partylines, showing the urgency of the resolution.

“What prompted them to file a resolution such as this one? Are they anticipating some moves from Malacanang? Is this a move to finally solve the impasse in peace talks with the Bangsamoro people? . . . . Is the Senate pre-empting a similar undertaking from Congress? Do they have prior information that Congress will be initiating cha-cha moves this May?”

aha. so. that’s why malamig ang palasyo at ang lower house sa proposal, dahil inunahan sila. ibig sabihin kasi, malabo nang ma-echapuwera ang senado sa cha-cha.

does this mean we can forgive the senate for toying with us about cha-cha, which is no joking, toying, matter?

sey ni ninez cacho-olivares:

Pimentel and 11 other senators may not realize it as yet, but they just showered Gloria with the proverbial manna from heaven.

“If it was the House that proposed amendments or even a revision of the Constitution, Malacañang would easily be the prime suspect as its mover. But with the opposition taking the lead in pushing constitutional amendments, it cannot be said Malacañang has been pressing the right buttons to get these changes going.

“But what the opposition members in the Senate fail to realize is that Gloria is always two steps ahead of them and can, at will, manipulate things to favor her and her personal and political interests.

“The Senate has created a political trap and will fall into its own trap.”

susmaryosep. from the frying pan into the fire! sana hindi.


  1. Best to have a comprehensive list of those who aim to sell our soul of the Filipinos for a mess of porridge. So that when the time comes, the people could properly and correctly direct their ire to the ones responsible for turning our society into a rotting sewage where mafiosi rules the government.