night shift

i suppose call center employees aren’t asking for higher wages as they make almost twice the minimum wage, if not more. so this labor day the blas f. ople policy center is asking call center companies to give their workers non-wage benefits, specifically, free shuttle services for the graveyard shift.

oo nga naman. the streets of manila are a harrowing place to be in the dark hours of the night specially for those who take public transportation. it’s like, you know, asking for trouble. taxis are safest, relatively, but really expensive and eat up a lot of workers’ earnings. so yes shuttle service is called for. call centers should care as much about their employees’ wellbeing as they do about customer satisfaction.

but to be fair, it’s not only call centers that have their people out in the streets long after dark. SM salesgirls halimbawa. most malls stay open until 9 or 10 p.m. closing-up takes some more time. finally when all the work is done they have to go through a final indignity pa: kapkapan blues, no less, to make sure they’re not spiriting goods away. by the time they’re off, in heels and miniskirts yet, it’s really late and it can get scary. what a life. they certainlydeserve shuttle service, at the very least.


  1. Its not an unreasonable demand so let’s hope call centers provides shuttle service to their night shift employees…. as for Shoemart, it will be a real challenge to convince those cheapo owners to even think of their employees welfare. These owners even resort to illegal temp. employee arrangement to avoid paying insurances and other cost related to permanent employees so for them to coughed up extra dinero is like hell freezing over.

    Anyway, thanks for linking Pedestrian Observer GB to your blog, I just did the same and linked your blog to POGB.