interesting times

obama stomping across asia — is this why china is rather quiet, even nice?  two popes elevated to sainthood in rome — ratcheting up prayer as opiate.  ukraine breaking apart; putin digging in.  hearts broken by the terrible loss of so many travellers in flight from malaysia and by ship in south korea.  and here at home, cedric lee arrested, hmm, where’s palparan.  and napoles sings to de lima, freaking out the palace and congress, incidentally just as obama’s due in manila…  almost like itinaon  ang listahan to distract from the anti-u.s. rallies…  argh, that would mean napoles is in on it, and that’s giving me a headache.


  1. Don’t hallucinate, it is bad for your health.

    Mr. Obama is a busy and decent man and he does not stomp. He will be exhausted from his travels, but will visit even though he should be in Washington dealing with Russia. He will be here to say gracious things about the Philippines. Mr. Aquino will be a gracious host. He is another good and decent man, and so they will get along well.

    So many of the rest of the Philippines? Eh, not so gracious . . .