INC, rabble-rousing, in our faces

as if the traffic weren’t bad enough, or maybe that’s the point?  INC means to aggravate the situation, push to destablize, can’t wait for 2016, this illegal-detention-case has to be made to go away, now na?

the most appalling thing about it all is the lack of action on the part of the aquino government, as though it didn’t have the authority and the means to nip-in-the-bud protest actions of this disruptive kind, gayong we have seen them do it, time and again, to leftist groups who are almost always dispersed at once pag walang permit, or after a few hours, pag mayroong permit.

the latest from edsa/shaw according to INC TV is: patuloy na dinaragsa ang mapayapang pagtitpon ng mga kaanib sa iglesia ni cristo.  and i’ve heard some sincere rabble-rousing and offensive name-calling in the last hour.  meanwhile, nagpakita at naghayag na rin sina boy saycon at eid kabalu ng suporta, at nagpakita na rin si peping cojuangco, although kumaway lang siya from stage, hmm.

the moon is waxing full in pisces, culminating around 2:30 a.m. sunday.  emotions are high.  it’s going to be a long night.  will we see more politicos stepping up to express support, in aid of 2016?  will the crowd get bigger?  will they refuse to go home when their permit runs out tomorrow?  are they sleepless in the palace putting together, finally, a plan A, and a plan B?  i certainly hope so.  we need to see some decisive action from the authorities.

sabi nga ni walden bello:

A religious sect has Metro-Manila by the throat, and Poe, Binay, and Roxas are conciliating it. The government, always quick to act against the Left, has the authority to peacefully clear EDSA but it declines to exercise this authority, citing “respect for the right to protest.” Rights are relational. When the right to free speech is exercised to deliberately wreck public order and create chaos for the vast majority, then the government must place the welfare of that majority in command. The truth is this religio-fascist sect has the whole Philippine political system by the throat. Time to stand up to it and save our secular Republic. Time to say no to craven politicians who conciliate fundamentalist fanatics.

and to the INC, may i just say, mga kapatid, this is no way to do an EDSA 86, which (to be simplistic about it) was a most prayerful event.  no crass chants, no hi-tech stage, no political rabble-rousing.  what this is really is more like an edsa tres when you guys joined forces with erap’s urban poor constitutents, hoping to grab back the power lost to gloria in edsa dos, and failed.  i almost expect to see enrile and honasan, sotto and maceda, stepping up, with raised fists yet.  but wait, here comes tingting cojuangco.  argh.  excuse me while i throw up.


  1. CLARITA CARLOS: Let us be glad that this event involving the show of force of this religious group is happening because this will a good test of whether this government will be hijacked by this group who are attempting to direct the work of the DOJ, disturbing the regular daily activities of other people and exacerbating the already horrendous traffic in our major thoroughfares…Let us see who among our so called leaders and would be leaders will have the political courage to stand up to them and establish the Rule of Law and not the Rule of the Mob…we’ll see..

  2. Breaking news: Anthony Taberna goes on leave.

    Via his instagram account:

    @iamtunying28 Mga kapamilya, napakalungkot po na nagpapaalam po muna ako sa programa namin na Dos por Dos at Umagang Kayganda dahil sa mga kaganapan po ngayon. Ako po bilang aktibong miyembro ng Iglesia ni Cristo ay nasa isang sitwasyon na hindi maaaring maging credible sa pagtalakay sa isyung may kinalaman dito. Mayroon po akong paniniwalang pangrelihiyon at mayroon din naman akong tungkulin bilang mamamahayag, bagay na hindi po maaaring pagsamahin ngayon dahil sa tinatawag na conflict of interest. Agad pong pinahintulutan ng pangasiwaan ng ABSCBN Integrated News and Current Affairs ang aking leave of absence mula ngayon hanggang sa humupa ang partikular na isyung may kinalaman ang INC. Maraming salamat po sa inyong pang-unawa sa aking napakahirap na kalagayan sa ngayon. Sa mga hindi naman hindi makakaunawa, nauunawaan ko po Kayo.

  3. manuelbuencamino

    Government could not stop the INC rally at DOJ because Erap gave them a permit

    Government could stop the INC rally at Edsa shrine because Bisteka did not give them a permit.

    Government could not stop the INC rally in Edsa Shaw because Abalos gave them a permit.

    The “Left” do not get permits from mayors so govt can act with dispatch