INC, ochoa, de lima

so, that edsa farce is over, with INC claiming victory and the palace claiming that the rule of law has been upheld.  win-win situation, say ng isang taga-iglesia sa tv news.  no-deal, say ng isang taga palasyo in a statement.

i’m trying to be optimistic.  at best, the palace is telling the truth.  no deal, the samson case will proceed (even if no one has said it in so many words), but INC is allowed to claim victory in public, thereby saving face.  kapanipaniwala ito because it was obvious sunday night that neither binay nor chizngrace (despite their quick expressions of support via media) were going to show up with their supporters to make it a multi-sectoral broad-coalition kind of protest that would qualify it as an EDSA and give INC some leverage in its demand that the DOJ drop the illegal detention case against its ruling council.  i mean, you know, pastor boy saycon?  who he?  he has no credibility or following that i know of; neither is he an EDSA 86 icon, as an iglesia tv anchor claimed.  as for peping and tingting, well, at least hindi na lang sila bumalik.

on the other hand, some pessimism about this no-deal eklat is not uncalled for, given this administration’s penchant for secrecy (as opposed to transparency), and given talk on facebook that executive secretary paquito ochoa is an iglesia member (google “paquito ochoa, iglesia” and you’ll get a pile of news reports about ochoa pushing for the appointment of this and that INC member to important posts), medyo kapani-paniwala rin ang speculation na DOJ sec de lima is not likely to move on the samson case.  and when she resigns next month to run for senator, ochoa (it is said) will be picking her replacement, who will likely be pro-iglesia, if not an iglesia member mismo, who will simply sit on the case, and leave it for the next admin to deal with.  this would mean that INC is likely to move heaven and earth, and hell maybe? to get a pro-iglesia president elected in 2016.

what nags at me is the illegal detention case filed by whistleblower benhur luy against PDAF scammer janet napoles that saw napoles sentenced to life imprisonment and, along with senators enrile, revilla, and estrada, indicted and charged with plunder.  i pray that this pasaway drama of INC re samson’s illegal detention complaint  does not impact on these plunder cases in any way.  nakakapraning, with enrile out on bail bigla and back in the senate.

de lima has time to get the samson case moving.  otherwise, who knows, winning a a senate seat might not be a piece of cake.


  1. manuelbuencamino

    Parang illegal detention is a bit of a stretch….kasi how was samson and family able to escape their captors?

    Samson said he was able to escape because he told his guards he was only going to the temple to attend services….hello…his house is not located inside the temple compound…he lives walking distance from the temple….the guards did not accompany him out of the house to the temple?

    Pwede pa siguro yun complaint about intimidation and grave threats…but Samson will have to show proof…

    I don’t doubt that the INC leadership reacted badly to his allegations, before he was excommunicated, about corruption, intimidation, harrasment and probable illegal detention of other “rebel” ministers…so whether or not the INC leadership’s bad reaction went beyond excommunicating him is something he has to prove beyond reasonable doubt…

    Best thing de Lima can do (and in my opinion should do) is to post all affidavits and counter-affidavits relating to the complaint…that way we will see how justice works…because at the end of the day in the rule of law scheme of things, it’s the process more than the verdict itself that validates justice….if due process was followed then we can legitimately claim that justice was served…and an unfavorable verdict can be blamed on the lawyer of the losing side

      • manuelbuencamino

        Basta sabihin ng both parties involved that they want it available to the public, anong magagawa ng DOJ?

        BTW, nakita ko si Cholo sa wake ni Mae Manalang Sta Ana kagabi. Binati ko, hindi yata ako nakilala na. :-)

        • teka. *Basta sabihin ng both parties involved that they want it available to the public, anong magagawa ng DOJ?* the DOJ can always plead proper due process?

          sa akin illegal detention is not such a stretch. puwedeng napapaniwala nila ang captors na they were coming around, so to speak, and so security became lax, akala stockholm syndrome na? but yes, i’d like to hear the whole story acc to authenticated affidavits, and not have to wait until after the authorities decided, one way or the other.

          • manuelbuencamino

            Ang sa akin simple lang —-kung sino ang magpilit na huwag ilabas ang mga dokumento ay may gustong itago.

            Kung all parties concerned ie INC, complainanat, at DOJ say they don’t want the docs made public then okay lang pero walang ngaw-ngawang pagkatapos lumabas ang desisyon kasi kung anuman ang magiging ngaw-ngaw ay spin…kasi di natin nakita kung saan galing ang ngaw-ngaw