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INC, ochoa, de lima

so, that edsa farce is over, with INC claiming victory and the palace claiming that the rule of law has been upheld.  win-win situation, say ng isang taga-iglesia sa tv news.  no-deal, say ng isang taga palasyo in a statement.

INC, rabble-rousing, in our faces

as if the traffic weren’t bad enough, or maybe that’s the point?  INC means to aggravate the situation, push to destablize, can’t wait for 2016, this illegal-detention-case has to be made to go away, now na?

INC drama, street soap

The story goes: Today, some 200,000 members of the INC will mob the Department of Justice. Yes, a big crowd was there this afternoon – word is, they will stay on and on. They are protesting Justice Secretary de Lima’s … Continue reading

today’s iglesia event

even before MMDA announced suspension of classes tomorrow in metromanila, husband says he was advised by an iglesia friend to stay away from manila especially, the traffic will be humongous, hundreds of thousands of members expected to converge on quiapo … Continue reading

iglesia ni kristo rallies, prosecution rests #cj trial

day 25.  synchronicity:  the iglesia ni kristo, known to be pro-corona (chief defense counsel cuevas is an INK member), holds a humongous rally in luneta  and many more simultaneous rallies nationwide, this as the chief prosecutor in the senate impeachment court … Continue reading


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