iglesia ni kristo rallies, prosecution rests #cj trial

day 25.  synchronicity:  the iglesia ni kristo, known to be pro-corona (chief defense counsel cuevas is an INK member), holds a humongous rally in luneta  and many more simultaneous rallies nationwide, this as the chief prosecutor in the senate impeachment court surprises with the announcement that the prosecution is “dropping” 5 articles of impeachment, having presented, he believes, sufficient evidence to convict chief justice corona on articles 2, 3, and 7.

the co-incidence is hard to shrug off.  on the surface, nothing seems to connect the two events, but beneath the surface, who knows what kind of strings were pulled by what hands towards what end.

tupaz could have announced it tomorrow, but no, he had to do it today, as the rally rolled off, quietly, massively.  but what about the invitation they had sent justice sereno just this morning?  oh, but she’s not likely to defy the feb 14 resolution on judicial privilege, given midas marquez’s afternoon statement that all sc personnel are bound by it.

hmm. not that i can blame sereno.  di bale sana kung the case against corona is solid, but it’s not.  what would happen to sereno if corona were acquitted in the end?  too big a risk.

o baka naman it’s as simple a matter of having no witnesses to prove articles 1, 4, 5, 6, and 8.  or maybe they have witnesses, but the kind that defense counsel cuevas and / or senator-judge miriam would again make mincemeat of?

but acc to dean tony la vina on anc with lynda jumilla, witnesses are not needed for the dropped articles, which are not “evidence-based”, rather they call for “assertions of judgment.”  hmm.  maybe tupaz et al don’t feel up to asserting anything after being outclassed by cuevas, not to speak of miriam.

of course there is also the allegedly sagging public interest, on the one hand, and some pro-corona catholic bishops nagging for an end to the trial, on the other.

this brings me back to the iglesia ni kristo’s grand gatherings nationwide — i bet it made the catholic bishops and archbishops sort of nervous, if not envious.  kaya ba nilang magtawag ng ganyang klaseng rally, halimbawa, against the RH bill?  i doubt it very much.

catholics are quite divided, fragmented, on many issues.  iglesia members, in contrast, are quite united spiritually and politically.  in elections they vote as one.  perhaps the rally reminded the congressmen-prosecutors of the 2013 elections, and reality kicked in?

just wondering.



  1. Cmon guys.. Open up your eyes.. Iglesia Ni Cristo is not a religion. It’s a fucking FRATERNITY! When will the people see this? It’s not a spiritual organization at all. It’s a group of people bounded together for a certain cause to which they get different kinds of benefits from. All it teaches is G.M.R.C. which we can learn in elementary. Good Manners and Right Conduct.. That’s all folks! That’s all they teach. For God sake, this is not a genuine faith. It hinders the politics in the country. It dictates its members who to vote for. This is a scary opponent. They have connections to the police and high ranking officials. If you fight with one of its members, they become one against you…

  2. INK is a religious CULT, a Filipino concoction of Islamic prophesy where Manalo is the eminent prophet in place of Mohammad Ali. It practices faith through good works which leads to hell because salvation is thru man made-effort and not through the LOVING GRACE of God. Its really a Fraternity of Anti-Christ.

  3. Hi Kat,
    I admire you being radical on some issues but maybe on this particular matter, you ask first some members of the INC before you conclude that it is really a “Rally”?

    First of all, we are doing this almost monthly in a smaller scale in our churches. It was just recently we want it to have it on a bigger scale so more people can listen to the words of God. The people who attended to what you call “Rally” (which we call it GEM) is not all INCs. It came from different sects of this country which is the main purpose of the event.

    Just to clarify to you as well the real meaning of the event, it is our way of sharing the words of God. Before you consider putting a political malice to the event as a sync of your theories, maybe better to really check the real story first. Have you seen any political personality allowed to speak in front of the crowd just like any other church’s events?

    For the commenter Gurman, you are welcome to our smaller bible study event near to your place which I am sure there is. Before you speak your mind, you must know and be very knowledgable to the thing you are talking about.

    • To Mr. Jeff Decena

      You are a member of INC. Of course you will defend your cult. Try going out of the box and look at the bigger picture. INC is nothing but a group of ministers with its followers claiming to be preaching God’s gospels when in fact they are the ones going against. Jesus Christ preached of caring not only for your neighbor but also to your enemies. That was a different level of thinking. What INC does is accumulate members then take care of them by giving some form of benefits. They get the loyalty of their members. Cmon man.. Don’t lie. You yourself has gotten some of these benefits. As to me having a Bible study, modesty aside Mr. Decena but I was already studying the Bible when I was an adolescent. I even need not do that cause I’m not a Christian and yet I studied it. All of the 66 books whether its the New Testament of the 12 disciples of Christ or the Old Testament of Moses were studied thoroughly already. And believe me my friend, your INC does NOT fall in any way Jesus Christ was preaching about his church. Your church is a money making machine who uses Christ’s name in vain. With that money you accumulate from your members, you people buy political and police power. You falsely guarantee your members about salvation. YOU MONOPOLIZE SALVATION AS IF YOU ARE THE ONLY CHOSEN ONES. hehehe Cmon Mr. Decena.. Wake up from the truth. Do you accept this rubbish? If you accept that then you are a one big moron. I’m sorry to say that but you are deliberately closing your eyes from the truth. IT’S A ONE BIG LIE PERPETRATED BY THE WELL-PAID MINISTERS OF MANALO. Salvation is for everybody. It’s not bestowed thru the religion you are a part to but of your own actions in your lifetime. Manalo is not a special child of Christ that Jesus will send him for monopolizing salvation. Ha! I bet he’s nothing, not even deserving to be a sweeper in the kingdom of God. His family made a fortune through utilizing God’s name. Mr. Decena, look around you. Don’t be a part of this peer pressure. You have your own mind. Don’t let the ministers control you. Life is short my friend. Don’t waste it by being a member of a cult who fools people with the use of Christ’s words. I’m now the one encouraging you to study the Bible rather than you inviting me to your Bible study. Study it by yourself. You will see. INC is just a concoction of Manalo’s. It was never part of the Full Gospel of Christ. See it for yourself. They are just interpreting it according to what they want it to come out for their benefit. Your religion is actually destroying Christ’s name which is unforgivable for him.

      • Mr Gurman,

        Sorry Angela for OT:

        Cult? You are neither a Christian or anything else that God knows. I pity you my friend. You can come to our congregation for your won good.

        You say, “YOU MONOPOLIZE SALVATION AS IF YOU ARE THE ONLY CHOSEN ONES.” if this is true, we would not have shared it to others and keep it to ourselves. Why bother in the heat of the sun, and invite people to listen to these teachings? We do it because we want you to join us in the man’s salvation.

        “Salvation is for everybody” — tell me, I know you know this since you said since adulthood you are reading the bible.. During the olden times, why is it only “Israel” considered the only chosen ones? Why is it before that, God save only the family of Noah during the great flood? Why is it only Lot’s family saved when God perished all the people in Sodom and Gomorrah? And in Jesus Christ time, check Acts 20:28. Then you will know everything. I hope as well that you will be enlightened. You can come and very much welcome my friend in our congregation.

        I do not mean harm to you. I am just enlightening you the things that you should know.Feel free to approach any member of the church. =) Have a good day my friend.

        • Like I said I don’t need any congregation for my enlightenment. I can seek my own enlightenment. That is the teaching of Buddha. It’s only your own self that will bring you to nirvana. But that’s a higher level of thinking that your cult will never ever reach. You are a worldly organization. You have no right to meddle or interfere with politics but you still do for your benefit. How many times should I tell you that your founder and its family are the ones which benefited so much with the birth of INC. Manalo is a fake! The rest is up to you.

  4. hey jeff, not kat here but angela :) yes i read somewhere it was more a religious event than a rally. and somebody did tweet that it was very quiet, no loud music, no loud speeches. i was looking for a live broadcast on net 25 but there was none or i may missed it. i guess it was the timing that gave me a sense that it could be religious but political at the same time, a show of force. di naman maitatanggi na election after election the iglesia is considered a solid swing vote…

  5. Oh I got confused on radikalchic and this blog. Sorry about that.

    I and most of our brothers and sisters are in one theme this year, “Massive propagation of the faith”. Every year, we have themes as a guide for the members on their faith. But due to the upcoming centennial celebration on July 2014, we have a theme that runs from last year until the 2014. So just a hint, there will be more larger scale propagation of the faith as the centennial is nearing. Also, just an FYI we are building a big event Coliseum in Bulacan which will hold a more massive event on the 2014 (including members from around the globe). These are just some of the things you will be seeing doing by the church. And, if in any case any political scene is happening on that same time, at least you will say that it is just a coincidence because it is already scheduled. We welcome everybody to carefully examine our faith and not judge based on what you see only.

    Also, just to tell everybody frankly, we do not need any media mileage on the event (if we can tell that to the PH media). We actually want our event/s in private always so that the event will be solemn. But just as what I have stated, we want to hold events in larger scale before the centennial so more people can listen. Doin’ this cannot help other people think of what we are really doing.

    So I think it is best to get an insider first to get all the facts and not only create own self made conspiracy theories. But it is good you get my attention. Which should be the main reason of writing any blogs, to get readers. =)

    • no, jeff, if youve visited my blog long enough, you will know that i don’t blog to get readers. i blog to express personal thoughts ideas opinions reactions to public events, no matter how unpopular or unconventional. i don’t cater to any one else’s interests but mine. my sense of a connection between the iglesia rallies, oh okay evangelical mission, and the corona case is not a self-made conspiracy theory. i wasn’t even thinking conspiracy. synchronocity means, events happening at the same time are connected on some level, if not on the mundane or easily apprehended level. the synchronicity is undeniable.

  6. john c. jacinto

    The Iglesia ni Cristo ni Manalo is leading its members to the deepest chambers of Hell by teaching that Christ is no more than a man, that Manalo is an angel, and that the Iglesia saves and not Christ.

  7. aldrin

    well for sure inc can control the government 101
    % because of their unity so many soldiers and police and high ranking officers who are members of inc.but will not do so because its not their business…

  8. Jeff&Gurman,
    The Biblical Non-Exclusivity of Salvation for Christians alone was revealed when JC died and visited a place called HADES to claim LOST souls who died before JC came but repented and acknowledged the saving grace of God to mankind. Therefore, its not true that you need to belong to INK, Roman Catholic, Anglican or Protestant churches or even to any religion (Judaism,Buddhism, or Hindusim)as a condition “sine qua non” to secure your “Eternal life”.

    btw, Angela was correct in using “rally” to describe this event since it was REALLY a “prayer rally” concocted to synchronize with the sympathy on Corona”s impeachment case just like the sympaphysers of Erap came out with the National Day of Prayer for Reconciliation during the Impeachment of Pres. Erap.

  9. to all anti-inc,
    I looked at the positive side of what religion could give to a person. And that is a respect I give to all religions.

    It’s good that islam is not ridiculed here, else their brotherhood will hunt you to death.

    Give respect though you are not willing to give in order for us to live in peace with many religions.