divorce, rh, same banana

listening to rep. rodolfo farinas ranting against a divorce bill is like listening to the golezes and pablo garcias and bagatsings railing against the rh bill, macho fundamentalists all.   puwede ba, referendum na lang?


  1. manuelbuencamino

    I don’t know if a referendum on divorce will do any good for us who favor divorce law. However I thin a referendum on allowing remarriage for those separated already from their spouses will produce the desired result.

    Here’s why:

    Divorce has a negative connotation in this country. I asked a young lady whether or not she was for divorce and she replied No because the bible said what god to put together blah blah.

    So I turned the question around – eh anong sa palagay mo, okay kaya yun hiwalay na ay pwedeng mag asawa ulit? She said, Oo naman.

    Surprisingly that’s exactly what PNoy said when he was asked about divorce.

    So my advice to divorce advocates – use the word divorce less and talk more about allowing remarriage for those who are already separated. It amounts to the same thing anyway.

    And that will place the machos and the bishops in the uncomfortable position of having to justify why they will not allow people a second chance at marriage and a good family life.

  2. Yes, keep it simple. Please vote yes or no: Should couples separated in fact by at least five years, or already legally separated, be allowed to remarry? If the population votes yes, it will be the duty of the Civil Registrar to implement rules certifying that certain folks have been separated de facto for five years. That certificate becomes the basis for a new marriage license, in the same way that certification of a foreign divorce obtained by a foreigner against a Filipino spouse capacitates the latter to remarry.