COMELEC, coincidences, crossroads

COMELEC wants us to believe it was pure coincidence that smartmatic’s marlon garcia tweaked some code (to change ? to ñ) just when bongbong marcos’s 1 million-vote lead started to dwindle and leni robredo started catching up, allegedly in smooth flows, that now sees robredo ahead by 200k or so and claiming victory.

pure coincidence daw.  nagkataon lang.  walang koneksyon.  i’m sorry but in occult thought all coincidences are significant.  sharing here some of my essay Falling chandeliers and other omens that inquirer published back in 1998 soon after erap’s inauguration when he first stepped into the palace for his first cabinet meeting.

Filipinos are a superstitious people. We see meaningful relationships between apparently unconnected events that happen to occur at the same time or in close sequence: the number 13 and the Estrada presidency, the chandelier and the inaugural, the chandelier and the number 13. It comes from an intuitive grasp of Carl Jung’s concept of synchronicity which, going beyond science (cause-and-effect), “takes the coincidence of events in space and time as meaning something more than mere chance” and which is the very principle underlying the use of the I Ching and astrology (among other occult arts) in making sense of “the essential situation prevailing” for any one person or group at any moment in time.

This is why we continue to be disturbed by the story of a Palace chandelier crashing to the floor just a few seconds after President Estrada passed beneath it. The President had just taken his oath that noon in Barasoain. He had just arrived in Malacañang that afternoon and was on his way to swear in the new Cabinet officials when the chandelier crashed. Happening as it did in the first few hours of the new administration, it changed the quality and temper not just of the rest of the day – hitherto happy and hopeful – but of the rest of the presidential term.

Clearly, a warning. If it were not an attempt on the President’s life, then a warning of danger, of sinister human forces at play. If an accident, then of forces less menacing but quite as startling and disturbing. The message is, expect the unexpected, a pattern has been set.

the rest is history.  we all know what happened to the erap presidency.  which is to say that COMELEC ignores allegations of electronic cheating at its own, and the nation’s, peril. COMELEC asks too much of the citizenry when its officers ask us to take their word for it, when they ask for our trust, a trust they still have to earn.

i know a recount, or re-feed, or an audit — whatever it will take to give us the true count of votes cast for president, vice-president, and senators — will take time, and i’ve been expecting COMELEC to play the no-more-time card.  but the president will be proclaimed in time, no doubt, and we just have to make sure nothing happens to him, and maybe stop stressing him out, lol, until we have a vice-president.

but seriously.  this is too important to sweep under the proverbial rug yet again.  i hope leni wins, but fairly and squarely please.  if bongbong has the numbers pala, well, it’s our failure, not his.

meanwhile, the Left is at a crossroads, too.  that was a stroke of genius indeed on the part of the incoming prez.  in-out na lang basta ang mga komunista, lol.  and the challenge is to level up, guys, show us your stuff, or forever hold your peace.


  1. Batang-genyo, ala-eh

    A system audit by Parish Pastoral Council & Comelec will clear or sustain the claims of interference in the automatic transmission of counting of the VP votes. Pres.Pinoy’s statement to block he return of the Marcoses to Malacanang has cast a shadow of doubt unnecessarily to Comelec efforts to have a speedy and credible results. I hope such glitzes were error in normative not in data figures which the audit trails will read in its sydtem files.

    • Teddy Locsin: … It is said that any irregularities or peculiarities in the conduct or count of the automated election, must be substantiated by those who point them out. Only idiots say that. The only duty of voters is to point out seeming irregularities—and immediately the onus shifts to the COMELEC to explain them away—but never, never, never to brush them off. It is possible that after trying in vain to eliminate the tremendous lead of Duterte, by knocking out VCMS in parts of Mindanao, Visayas, Luzon, and all of Metro Manila including Quezon City, the cheaters gave up. They turned their attention to lesser positions like the VP and the Senate, Congress and local officials. But if we leave it at that, then basically we should hold incontestably honest elections only for the president and let him appoint all the rest. That would be cheaper.