cut PNoy some slack, and digong, too

i don’t know what the Left is up to, but between jose maria sison all the way from europe and satur ocampo here at home along with the makabayan bloc in congress, they sure are making a lot of noise, making kulit the presumptive prez about charging and arresting the incumbent prez (and his dbm sec) for plunder once the latter steps down.

come on, guys, cut PNoy some slack.  why can’t it wait?   it’s just another month and a half.  let’s give him the space to exit with some dignity naman.  talo na nga ang manok niya, konting simpatiya naman.  surely you know how that feels.

and take it easy with presumptive prez digong, too.  all this whining about digong’s “neoliberal” 8-point economic program is premature.  right now the duterte camp’s priority, i would think, is to calm the market.  which is good.  so give him, and nation, a break naman please.

unless, of course, the idea is simply to agitate, strike everywhere na lang, never mind that, given the disgraceful antics of COMELEC and smartmatic, there’s enough agitation already over the counting of votes, not to speak of bongbong marcos’s strong showing.  i can’t believe nga that you guys don’t seem to care how many votes your candidates truly got, kahit pa talo na.

or is all the noise in aid of distracting us from the fact that you guys lost this one yet again and risa didn’t.  but isn’t that balanced out by joma sison’s direct line to duterte?  naguguluhan tuloy kami.  lousy PR, guys.

you had it coming, this from duterte spokesman peter tiu laviña, no less, who i am told knows whereof he speaks, especially with regard to the extreme Left.  his statement in full, publicly shared on facebook 12 hours ago:

A mistake not corrected becomes an error. A mistake may not be intentional, but to commit the same could be fatal. Leftist groups have rejected the hands of friendship and cooperation by the incoming Duterte administration by mouthing their usual criticism of others but not undertaking their own criticism, self-criticism.

They made a patented error in reading the national situation and made a grave one in pulsing the mood of our people. They did it in 1985 and did it again in the 2016 election. They boycotted the election in 1986 and went with another candidate 30 years later. For groups that claim that they are patriotic, nationalist and anti-imperialist, many were aghast in their decision to go with someone who abandoned our country and once pledged allegiance to the US.

At least their units in Mindanao which were more grounded did not go with the selfish, myopic and opportunist posturing of its national higher organs. In their desire to push one of their national officials to be senator, they rush to a hasty decision rejecting calls to wait for the maturing of the political situation before deciding. Having done these mistakes, they want to continue with their old ways of critiquing, critiquing, critiquing. I am truly sorry for these leftist groups which will be left out in the march of history with their dogma and belligerent styles and methods of work. They need to right their wrongs and stop becoming roadblocks to genuine change. They should bring down their utopian dreams closer to reality. Sustained gains even little by little here and there to advance the cause of the masses are better than none at all. To perpetuate the sufferings of the masses is treasonous, a betrayal to serve them.

Their ways of pressuring others with the barrel of the gun and noise by the minority are now passe.

Here is an unsolicited advice to them – dialogue with the incoming government instead of mounting black propaganda to be heard. And listen to your units in Mindanao. Otherwise, you will be proving to be yet another bunch of trapos.


  1. manuelbuencamino

    Ouch yung kay Laviña.

    Pero mas ouch yun sinulat mo:

    “i can’t believe nga that you guys don’t seem to care how many votes your candidates truly got, kahit pa talo na.

    “or is all the noise in aid of distracting us from the fact that you guys lost this one yet again and risa didn’t. but isn’t that balanced out by joma sison’s direct line to duterte? naguguluhan tuloy kami. lousy PR, guys.”


    • manuelbuencamino

      Ang big regalo diyan ay DENR kasi alam mo naman kung gaano kamahal ng NPA ang mga mining companies…..their favorite taxpayers. At ang DSWD because of the billions in CCT that they will be giving to the poorest of the poor. How many million families?
      One big mistake of PNoy specially Dinky is they did not politicize CCT. Proof is the E class did not vote overwhelmingly for Mar. Eh ang CPP ba matitiis na huwag i-politicize ang CCT? That would be like expecting that a missionary will refrain from converting heathens to his religion. :-)

  2. Batang-genyo, ala-eh

    Its about time the NDF and pseudo Leftist groups face the reality check of their relevace given their failure to lay the ground for a protracted struggle even on parliamentary grounds. Duterte’s moves to recognized the legitimacy of their cause is a gesture of confidence building effort towards lasting peace and correct the polical injustice by previous elitist governmemts.