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esposo’s “revolutionary situation” #VAT

william m. esposo, philstar columnist and true-blue, i mean, -yellow, aquino supporter, is as annoyed about #noynoying as leftist (pa ba? more like red-turned-yellow) joel rocamora.  and esposo is now calling the youth activists (who coined “noynoying”) “ANAYchists,” as in … Continue reading

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When VAT on oil is “crooked road” #noynoying

Rudy L. Coronel Let us please get real! The repeal of the Oil Deregulation Law will not cure our oil price woes. It will only throw us back to the bad old days when government required documents before approving every … Continue reading

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my reactions to gma’s sona 2008. thanks to djb for posting the entire speech. thanks to mon ramirez of plaridel e-group for the department of energy data. * * * I address you today at a crucial moment in world … Continue reading

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obscenely oppressive, that’s VAT!

it’s obscene that the arroyo government is gleefully rolling in cash when everyone else is not, lalo na’t the source of all that cash is the onerous VAT that we the people are paying in addition to the spiralling death-defying … Continue reading

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