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recto’s revenge

paano naging “intellectual property” ni ralph recto his committee report on the sin tax bill when it is something he came up with as part of his job as ways and means committee chair, and as senator, who is on the payroll of taxpayers?  property yan ng taxpayers, and the senate should be free to use it rather than waste time by starting from scratch.  in the first place he shouldn’t have resigned.  ang pikon, talo.

posted that on facebook and here’s the comment thread.

Karen Berthelsen Cardenas  hmmmm… interesting case study ito. i wouldn’t know about ‘intellectual property rights” but if the report was withdrawn then in essence it does not exist. therefore it cannot be referred to.

Stuart Santiago  hmmmmmm… “withdrawn”… tricky… i suppose this is a first. usually, kung me dissent, pinaplantsa with amendments.

Karen BC  oo nga. haven’t been following the story that closely. pero iniisip ko, kung ako gumawa ng report for a committee, and i was criticized for the report etc etc and i withdrew the report and quit the committee, i would probably say well then that report is no longer presented, is invalid, and therefore don’t use it if you felt that it was borne out of conflict of interest, it must be tainted. following the logic lang di ba?

Karen BC  kung tainted yung report, then its validity is suspect anyway, so throw it out and start again by an untainted committee

Stuart Santiago recto’s revenge