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distressed and disconcerted

by the torrent of killings, drug-related and not, with many innocents presumably “caught in the crossfire”, but just as badly by the shabu menace that’s past eradication and likely impossible to “contain” in this third world country without livelihood options … Continue reading

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i was hoping it would be different.  i was hoping that the informed public’s displeasure over DAP had shaken him up enough to eschew the bragging (about small change) and the sniping, the snarking, at critics (left right and center).

SONA’s deafening silence on coco levy loot atbp.

i was only half-listening to the prez until he started talking coconuts…aha, here we go, i thought, let’s hear your plans for the coco levy loot (160B and counting).  alas, nothing, as in zilch, as though it doesn’t exist.  nothing, … Continue reading

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SONA as farce

farce. a comic dramatic piece that uses highly improbable situations, stereotyped characters, extravagant exaggeration, and violent horseplay. The term also refers to the class or form of drama made up of such compositions. Farce is generally regarded as intellectually and aesthetically … Continue reading

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The nation in our hearts

By Arnold Alamon WE HAVE heard once again the current administration’s assessment of the State of the Nation. Ideally, it is a political ritual meant to dramatize the principle that government exists for the common good with the President reporting … Continue reading

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the spin that is SONA(kakasuya)

I liked it … because of its simplicity and its delivery. None of the high-flown language or the soaring rhetoric that previous presidents used to court applause. The speech was a straightforward, almost hurried, recitation of facts. I only wish … Continue reading

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