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screwed by manangs

read ricky carandang’s screwed and manuel buencamino’s “manangs” acquit a rapist.   my sentiments exactly.   what a huge setback for the women’s fight against sexist politics.   biglang we’re back to the dark ages when women were seen as sex objects incapable … Continue reading

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smith walks free

anc breaking news around 5 p.m.: u.s. marine in subic rape case acquitted. The Court of Appeals (CA) on Thursday acquitted US Marines Lance Corporal Daniel Smith of raping a Filipina in Subic back in 2005, and ordered released immediately. The … Continue reading

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draft 2008 CA ruling acquits smith

today’s manila times exclusive is the biggest bummer yet.   and then, again, maybe not. Draft ruling acquits Smith CA justice wrote ponencia before retiring in 2009 By Jomar Canlas, Reporter The Court of Appeals could have overturned the conviction of … Continue reading

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nicole did not recant

what a shocker naman talaga.   it was bad enough hearing, first, that she had fired her lawyer evalyn ursua AND that she had left for the u.s., of all places.   it got progressively more scandalizing as the news trickled out … Continue reading

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