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Dear President-elect Duterte,

Katrina S.S.

Congratulations po! I don’t think anyone saw it coming, this huge win of yours, and going by the tears you shed at your mother’s grave today, parang maging kayo ay nagulat, na-overwhelm, sa tindi ng inyong panalo.

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That close race

Jojo Robles

… The website Get Real Philippines ( has noted “the almost algorithmic way with which Robredo chipped away at the initial one-million-vote lead of Marcos over several hours since the voting closed.” According to the article, the statistical aberration “has attracted the attention of many observers.”

On Facebook, the article said, Benjamin Vallejo Jr. “plotted the progressive decrease of Marcos’s lead over Robredo over time and found an almost perfect linear correlation.” “The correlation plotted a straight-path downward trajectory for Marcos’s lead,” the article said.

“Di kapani-paniwala [Unbelievable]!” said Vallejo, a faculty member of the University of the Philippines currently working as an exchange professor at St. Norbert College in De Pere, Wisconsin, noting the perfectly straight line….

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#Eleksyon2016: The pits

Katrina S.S.

Last week’s absence seemed like a timely break to take from this column, if only because with less than a month to elections one can get overwhelmed by the mudslinging, and get carried away with the kind of shallow discourse that is on social and mainstream media, which apparently forms “public opinion” alongside surveys based on highly questionable practices – a free phone after the elections to respondents of a mobile survey, ano ba naman ‘yon!

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just posted this on my facebook wall:

‪#‎kidapawan‬ reminds me of ‪#‎yolanda‬ when people were seen wandering the streets, having walked all the way from their homes in far barangays, in shock, hungry, thirsty, looking for food and water in the city to bring back to their families, but getting no relief, from government anyway, because, sabi ni sec almendras on tv, hindi malinaw kung sino sa mga yan ang taga-tacloban talaga at hindi.  so they wanted to give relief goods through the barangays where official residents are registered.  imagine. denying immediate relief, kahit tubig at biskwit man lang.  if NGOs and civil society orgs had not come to the rescue, meron din sigurong mga namatay na lang sa gutom at uhaw at shock.  sa #kidapawan ganoon din ang excuse ng palace spin artists, ibig idaan sa proseso kuno ang pagbibigay-tulong sa mga nasasalanta.  at nung ayaw magsialis ang mga magsasakang nagugutom, pinagbabaril.  imagine.  what kind of policemen are these who willfully shoot at unarmed civilians?  and where is the president in all this?  he should have ordered the PNP to stand down (as he did in mamasapano?), even to escort the farmers to the nearest rice warehouse and to keep order while waiting for dinky soliman to oversee the distribution of rice.  i would call it the EDSA way.  and COA would not dare, would not think to, question it.