careless women

had a real good laugh over dzmm teleradyo‘s latest version of “woe is me, shame and scandal in the family” : “o diyos ko, kay laking kahihiyan nito” *LOL* referring of course to the hayden kho – katrina halili sex videos that have made a nationwide joke, a laughingstock no less, of vicki belo’s hunk hayden kho to the tune of “careless whisper.”

even the alta-siyudad is enjoying the show and laughing out loud.

All of Social Manila [ as well as Non-Social Manila ] these days are in giggles, squeals, and shrieks of perverse delight on their laptops and PCs… In a series of three downloaded videos from cyberspace, but specially in the longest one, Doctor Stud, on-and-off-and-on-again boyfriend of Doctor Sexy, delightfullymanifests his astonishing sexual prowess in a variety of positions with three different women.

Inevitably, it comes to mind that if the remarkable sexual prowess displayed is what Doctor Sexy is enjoying in her relationship with Doctor Stud, and it must be, then many hotblooded women and even more hotblooded gay men have justifiable reasons to be envious of her.

… Exhibitionism Galore. And an Orgy of Voyeurism for Everyone Else.

… Enjoy the Show. It’s quite something, really. Until today I thought only Caucasians could perform phenomenally like that. Doctor Stud certainly has a great future in the pornographic movies industry.

on the other hand, my gay friend iskho lopez is unimpressed.   lifted this status from facebook:

The controversial sex videos between a so-called celebrity doctor and his female partners … were familiar and nothing extraordinary. It revealed the sexual appetite of the said performers, particularly the doctor who demonstrated his prowess in “eating” and predilection for using his fingers in the process.

pahabol pa ni iskho, “the routine is rather gay…”

of course i had to see for myself kung sila nga ba ‘yon and not some look-alikes, and also to have a sense of what kind of porn we’re so scandalized about.   soft porn?   hard porn?   here’s the diff:

“Hard porn shows penetration; in soft porn, there is no penetration. We never see the dick because the dick is soft. Hence, soft porn.”

ay, kinda hard porn nga, but an amateur hidden-angle set-up, maya’t maya out-of-frame, and the video quality is terrible.    if we didn’t know kho and halili, thanks to media that celebrate them, these badly done videos would not sell.   the only reason these particular ones are selling is because we know, and know OF, vicky belo’s hunk of a boytoy and of the belo model who is also fhm‘s 2-time covergirl and a gma7 talent, who once denied being a couple behind belo’s back, and here they are engaging in illicit sex that they’re video-recording, and badly, to boot, how spectacularly perverse.

but, really, perverse only in the sense of being pasaway or sutil, not in the sense of abnormal or aberrant sexual behavior.    hayden isn’t a sicko, he’s just a spoiled handsome brat, parlaying his good looks for the good life and hot sex, but he went too far, i mean, you know, a digital diary of his sexcapades with celebrities, omg, what was he thinking?    hindi niya na-anticipate na puwedeng manakaw ang laptop niya, o makopya ang hard disk?    he should have been more careful.   but then i suppose he wasn’t thinking, except with his dick.   or it could even have been hubris.   things were going so well, luck and love were on his side, maybe he thought it would never end, ahahaha.   nothing never ends.

as for the alleged victim, i don’t buy jo-ann maglipon‘s take of halili as an abused woman who just happened to fall in love with the wrong man, or that halili is much like our sisters and nieces and cousins and daughters.

Katrina was a pretty, 21-year-old who was earning her keep in 2007, when she fell in love with Hayden, then a handsome, 27-year-old doctor of medicine. Except for the fact that the doctor was publicly known to be the boyfriend of Vicki Belo, a doctor much wealthier and far older than he, there was nothing especially scary about him. And except for the fact that Katrina was already FHM’s sexiest woman in the world the year before, and would be voted so again that year, there was nothing especially different about her.

She was just a young, liberated working girl, full of life, with the world before her-much like our sisters and nieces and cousins and daughters. And like many of these girls, at some point Katrina fell in love, and gave her all to her man.

She was also not an insensitive girl. In my interview with her early this year, for YES! Magazine, she acknowledged that Vicki Belo was an issue in her relationship with Hayden. This is how she handled it: She played the suffering wife. Her manand Vicki could go out in the open and enjoy their partnership; she would stay in the condo and wait for when he could find time for her. She never imposed on his schedule; she waited, even if oftentimes she cried while doing so. By denying herself the pleasures of having long conversations with him, of eating out in restaurants with him,of attending showbiz events with him as escort, she believed she was already paying for her sins to Vicki.

By her reckoning, she was behaving as decently as any woman in love could. A woman, by the way, who had been told by her man that she was his other partner “in a parallel life.”

Since then, she has admitted on national television: “Ang tanga-tanga ko. Pero na-in love ako. Pasensiya na po…”

Indeed, how was she to know this doctor would have a fetish for videos? How was she to know there would be a sick environment around the good-looking fellow-of a world seemingly measured by luxury goods and travel, with friends he has wronged and who hated him, of a whole value system neither educated nor decent?

It is she who has been violated here. It is Katrina who has been abused-not once, or twice, but thrice! First, when her lover took videos of their most sexual moments without her knowledge and consent. Second, when some heartless bastards uploaded the videos on the Net. And third, when an unthinking, unfeeling public viewed the videos and enjoyed themselves.

so, it was all right for halili to make patol belo’s kho, she was in love kasi?   so, she can’t be faulted for agreeing to the videotape, she had no idea naman that he was a sicko or that he had enemies who would steal and upload the tapes?   oh pleasssse.   what kind of messages do that send to our sisters and nieces and cousins and daughters?   for all our sakes i would like to think that our girls are made of sterner and smarter stuff.

what’s true is that our girls may be exposed to the same temptations as halili and this is a good way as any to learn a few lessons in love and porn.   love triangles are hell, girls, and halili could have said no to kho, or at the very least said no to video.    so ingat sa mga hayden camera, girls, better praning than sorry.   unless you wanna be a pornstar.   walang sisihan.

by the way, it’s stupid and unrealistic to ask and expect the public to desist from  watching  the sex videos out of pity and/or sympathy for halili and the other women.   that’s like asking us common humans to deny our sexual nature and our sexual curiosity, and it aint gonna happen.   not when the buzz is, tapes of hayden kho with the sexy commedienne and the beauteous boss are coming soon.   does the production quality improve kaya?   abangan ;))


  1. Kaya nga sabi ni mother figure lover boy that we should learn to condemn the “sin” daw and not the sinner whatever that means, lol.

    Indeed Katrina was not exactly the mother Teresa here but on the other hand she did not know or so she claims did not know that her boyfriend is a big time voyeur recording his “prized” sexual conquest with her and other women.

    Kho should just leave his day job as a doctor (that is if PMA has not kicked him out yet) and pursue a career in porn…. besides who wants to get examined by a doctor who maybe a horny voyeur?

  2. pogb ;) “mother figure” haha… as for the lover boy, he’s not only a “horny voyeur.” for a while there he became a sex object himself, why else were all these women willing to fling themselves at him ;)

  3. I think the guy’s an absolute asshole. Who should be castrated for violating such an intimate trust. However stupid those girls were for sleeping with him under whatever circumstances, that they were video taped without their knowledge makes them victims to a certain degree.

    Unfortunately, the macho culture is more likely to make a hero of him than anything else. He did nail an FHM cover girl — something every red-blooded masa male (and, yeah, also the not so masa) can only wet dream about.

  4. jojie umali-riyadh

    You’r right, media should not issue “moral advisory” for sensationalizing an unauthorized public display of private affairs which unsuspecting masa is titillated as a curious cat with no redeeming values to learn from. Sen. Bong should stop grandstanding on this issue since it does not help his desire for vp candidacy.

    dapat lang “walang sisihan” if katrina enjoyed and agreed as a wwilling victim of love-lust desire indiscreetly and un-abashly.

  5. manuelbuencamino

    Proof that senator Bong is grandstanding is I never heard him make a privilege speech about the Criselda Volks video. Now that he is running for vice president he suddenly becomes the defender of women. Pinalaki lang ni Revilla, and look at the collateral damage he caused for all the other women who were also videotaped. Ginawang issue yun fading starlet at yung wannabe na doctor para magpasikat ang walang silbeng senador

  6. manuel ;) actually just learned of the criselda volks video from my husband. mas grabe nga daw, malinaw con todo close-ups. where was revilla indeed. but i wonder if this time it was just to grandstand. there’s speculation that he did it in connivance with the showbiz press to make it difficult to release any more of the videos, in particular the one with the sexy commedienne.