scandalizing the media

i join women’s rights advocate dr. sylvia estrada-claudio in bemoaning the way the media are handling the hayden kho scandal (anc media in focus), wallowing gleefully in the stories being revealed about kho and belo, kho and halili, kho and his friends, kho and the wife of one of these friends, and what about the sexy comedienne, kaya pala siya iritang irita tuwing matatanong tungkol kay hayden…  among many other juicy items…  and, surprise surprise, the media that never takes sides — pa-objective kuno — are now taking sides, mostly the side of halili the woman betrayed violated exposed, championed by the notorious lolit solis, no less, who is screaming for kho’s head…  na nabusan ng tubig, what a scene, pero bakit parang hindi siya nagulat, was he expecting it, was it staged to show how hated he is, kawawa naman, ang cute pa naman…   i hear a bading radio anchor wanted to rush to the senate and help the mother make punas punas hayden, lol…

but seriously, the media should stop feasting lang on the scandal and, sabi nga ni dr. claudio, move on, maybe start talking sexual ethics naman.   yes  let’s get beyond who’s more baboy, who’s more guilty, because c’mon they’re all guilty of one mistake or another that contributed to the mess.   too much misplaced trust all around, i would think.   everyone was being naive, failing to anticipate, and protect oneself against, a fall-out.   so yes let’s talk sexual ethics (or the lack of it). just please not the self-righteous anti-hayden ethics of lolit.   rather, a sexual ethics that’s appropriate to the sexuality of the times, where both men and women are more adventurous and aggressive, and they have a right to be, freedom of expression and all that, as long as it’s private and consensual and walang ibang taong nasasaktan, and with full awareness of the additional risks involved in these days of AIDS and STDs, digicams and the internet, and the huge dvd market for erotica and porn.

and puwede ba, lubayan na si vicky belo.   i heard someone asking on startalk, dapat bang tanggalan din ng professional license ang doctora dahil nagpakuha rin siya ng sex video?   ano ba.   ang dapat tanggalan ng lisensiya ay ang mga kaibigang doktor na allegedly responsible for making and selling copies of and uploading the videos without the consent of hayden and the different women.   if we are making excuses for katrina halili, why are we not making excuses for vicky belo?   besides when it comes to sex, kanya-kanyang trip ‘yan.   i can imagine how being video-ed while making love, and then watching the video after, can be a turn on for some couples.   especially narcissists, ‘yung mga gandang-ganda sa sarili nila, would get a real kick out of seeing their beautiful bodies in the physical throes of lovemaking.  which doesn’t make them immoral.

as for the sexual deviance angle that karen davila insists on pursuing vs hayden kho, medyo masalimuot na usapin ‘yan.   because really, deviant in relation to what norm, the norm imposed by the church, or the norm of our sexual nature?   davila hasn’t a clue.   why not follow up na lang on belo’s appeal sa kababaihan: pag may girlfriend o committed na ang lalaki, huwag nang tuksuhin, huwag nang patulan, or at the very least, huwag seryosohin.   indeed.   what was katrina halili thinking, all is fair in love and war?   what was she hoping for when she settled for being just the “other woman” in hiding?   that it would be temporary?   that eventually, hayden would give up vicky for her, mas bata kasi siya at mas maganda?   or that eventually vicky would give hayden up and she katrina would be next in line?   well, she gambled and she lost.   media should stop glorifying her.


  1. Why this sordid tale of sex lies and videos should take precedence over more important issues on the Senate roster is truly baffling. Meanwhile, the public is having a good time. Sanamagan! How low can those folks go.