pemberton in JUSMAG, camp aguinaldo

pemberton, who is said to be under US custody, was flown to a compound of the Joint United States Military Assistance Group (JUSMAG) in Camp Aguinaldo but no Filipino has yet seen him, it would seem.  dati na bang may JUSMAG compound sa loob ng kampo?  if yes, ah so, has it been there forever?  if no, umm, is this a case then of “joint use of miltary facilities” provided for in the enhanced VFA aka EDCA?  umiiral na ba, operational na ba, ang EDCA?  just asking.

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Asked at a foreign correspondents’ forum on Wednesday if he was following Vice President Jejomar Binay’s lead and go to Laude’s wake, Mr. Aquino replied: “In general, I don’t attend wakes of people I don’t know. I’m uncomfortable with trying to condole with people who don’t know me. How can I say that I really sympathize with them by trying to assuage their loss at that point?” 

kung hindi nauna na si vp binay sa pakikiramay in person sa pamilyang laude sa olongapo, would the president have replied in the same manner?  maybe not.  and then, again, who knows.  we have a president who doesn’t seem to care much about his public relations, really, as though he didn’t need pogi points at all, if not for himself (six more years?), then for the liberal party’s annointed (six more years nga).

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Just Jennifer

By Katrina S.S.

It’s been painful, hearing about, and watching the story of, Jennifer Laude’s murder unfold. It is sad enough that there is a murder of any person in the hands of Americans brought onto these shores on “legal business.” But to hear the Philippine President speak of it like it’s a run-of-the-mill death, like it happened in a vacuum, like there is no American Marine as who is the prime suspect, is the height of insensitivity.

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south africa:  in the sentence hearing of oscar pistorius for culpable homicide in the death of reeva steenkamp, the plea of the defense is that pistorius not be made to spend time in jail, a social worker pointing to overcrowding, drugs, gangs, sodomy and the lack of facilities for disabled prisoners.  says prosecutor nel, a private cell then…

philippines: in the controversy over the custody of US marine scott pemberton in the killing of transgender jennifer laude, it’s okay with VFA  and EDCA supporters that pemberton remain in US custody, given the dismal state of our jails: he could get raped, killed, mauled.

but wait, we, too, have all kinds of jails.  while “innocent until proven guilty” surely we can find him accommodations in the PNP custodial center in camp crame where estrada and revilla are detained, or some similarly safe facility?  call it special treatment, whatever, but it’s far far fairer and more correct having him  in philippine custody where our own police and our own media can keep tabs on him rather than having him mostly hidden in the american embassy a la daniel smith, or on some warship, and shielded from the public eye.

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Charter change: The 2014 version

By Christian S. Monsod

The House of Representatives is currently debating Joint Resolution No. 1 (JR-1) to amend six “economic” provisions of the Constitution on land, natural resources, public utilities, media, advertising and educational institutions.

The proposed amendment is the wholesale insertion of the phrase “unless otherwise provided by law” with respect to the foreign equity caps and management limitations on foreigners in these provisions.

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Risking residents’ health for ‘development’

By Katrina S.S.

I GREW up on a quiet street in Mandaluyong City, in a compound filled with family, with bungalows for houses. Soon enough relatives started to migrate and sell their land. We have seen a beautiful bungalow demolished for a set of tiny townhouses. For a while we lived with a huge gaping hole in the lot in front of us, excavated for a condominium that didn’t happen.

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