When a leader betrays his people

Rex D. Lores

… What is deeply disturbing about President Duterte’s decision is the clear disconnect between his rhetoric and reality. On one hand, he is pursuing a devastating campaign against criminality and corruption; on the other, he is coddling the memory of a tyrant whose crimes and corruption stagger our imagination.

gelo, MRTbulok, ingat!

katrina was having a chat with angelo suarez and other friends on facebook when he was detained by MRT plainclothes peeps for alleged vandalism.  she freaked out and so did i, knowing that gelo has been fiercely critical of the privatization of the MRT and, being a daily commuter, unforgiving of its neglect and poor maintenance over the years.

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reality check

asked my cleaning lady (who comes once a week), kumusta na sa kanila somewhere in fairview where she used to say nakakatakot abutin nang gabi sa daan, o sa pag-alis niya sa umaga at madilim pa: “hindi na po nakakatakot, nawala na po ang mga adik at mga tambay.”  the same goes, i hear, in mendiola’s university belt, where students feel safer, no longer harassed by snatchers and tambays, kahit gabi na.

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Victor Peñaranda

One early morning the stars lost their meaning
As my wife started to labor with our eldest child.
I tripped at the thought of finding her a midwife,
Of rushing her to the confines of an emergency room
Somewhere at the rim of her pain and my anxiety,
At the brink of defying the curfew on civilians.
They could have detained or shot us if found outdoors,
For resembling homeless vagrant or sleepless militant.

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In denayal

Lem Garcellano

Walang kinulimbat na bilyon-bilyong dolyares na halaga ng ginto, salapi, alahas ng bayan,
dineposit sa Switzerland, Cayman

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