Philippines: Policy Failures Fuel HIV Epidemic

Duterte Should Improve Condom Access for Men Who Have Sex With Men

(Manila) – The Philippine government is fueling a rising human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) epidemic among men who have sex with men through policies that restrict interventions proven to prevent transmission of the virus, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today.

The 46-page report, “Fueling the Philippines’ HIV Epidemic: Government Barriers to Condom Use by Men Who Have Sex With Men,” documents the failure of national and local governments in the Philippines to address the growing HIV prevalence among men who have sex with men.

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Cringe Cringe Mr. President

Melinda Quintos de Jesus

I cringe every time I hear the president say, “my country” or “my people” when speaking to us and not to a foreign audience. Almost six months in office, the president with his autocratic ways, may be feeling as though, having been elected president, he has acquired us as his property, chattel like cattle, that he now owns and can do with as he pleases.

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the curious case of leila de lima

it cuts across gender, the outrage over the “slut-shaming” of senator leila de lima the day her former driver-lover ronnie dayan was in the house and the committee on justice gleefully lecherously interrogated him mostly about his love affair with the senator, ostensibly in aid of checking out how close, even how intense, exactly the relationship was, the better to convince us that the senator and her former lover were in cahoots, collecting protection money from drug traders in and out of bilibid when she was secretary of justice in the time of aquino III.

Was Marcos a dictator?

Mags Z. Maglana

DAVAO CITY (26 November) — Yesterday in the course of the Davao response to the National Day of Unity and Rage Against the Hero’s Burial for Marcos, I was asked a few times what I thought of the President’s statement that those protesting the burial should consider two questions: “Was Marcos a president? Was he a soldier?”

I responded by saying that since the matter was of national and historical importance that we should flat out refuse to reduce it to those two questions. And I counter proposed three that also needed to be considered: Was Marcos a dictator? Did the Marcoses steal billions from the national coffers? Have the Marcoses owned up to and apologized for the transgressions they committed and let happen when they were in power?

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lying loyalists

marcos loyalist-columnists are declaring the EDSA revolution dead now that their beloved marcos has been buried in the libingan ng mga bayani.  they are also trying very hard to kill the story of ninoy, martyr and hero.  in their addled minds, walang pinag-iba si ninoy kay cory at kay noynoy.  this is such a lie.

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No research, no way of detecting radioactive leakages #NoToBNPP

Radiation biologist
University of the Philippines 

Most of us, unfortunately, were trained abroad, either in the United Kingdom or the United States. Therefore, we are very much aware of how sensitive plants and animals are to radioactive releases, but these are animals and plants of temperate countries. We don’t know how sensitive our mango, sampalok, avocado trees, our rivers, lakes, mollusks, fishes, and animals are to radiation. Different organisms would have different coefficients. Different organisms would have different rates of keeping the radio-isotopes, depending on their metabolism. All we know is that radio-sensitivity will be very much related to the chromosome number and to the volume of the nucleus. At the moment we’re just beginning to find out the chromosome number of most of our local plants in Bataan. Then only can we determine which of these plans to use as indicators of radioactive leakage.

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