Why Senate should not allow the redefinition of savings and change the meaning of ‘errata’

By Leonor Magtolis Briones 

Last Monday, November 17, 2014 a number of interesting events happened in the Senate. In the morning, a necrological service was held for the much-loved Senator Juan Flavier. Two other related events took place: the referral to the Committee on Finance of the General Appropriations Bill (House Bill 4968) and a briefing by Social Watch Philippines on why the Senate should not allow the redefinition of savings and change the meaning of the word “errata.”

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P83 billion unused for coconut-industry poverty alleviation

By Rigoberto Tiglao

It could be another case, as worse as its lead-footed release of funds for Yolanda-devastated areas, of the Aquino Administration’s criminal inefficiency and sluggishness in undertaking real reform programs. Or there may be a worse explanation.

Since September 2012 – two years ago – the Supreme Court finally ended nearly two decades of litigation and ruled that the P82.8 billion that originated from the so-called coco-levy imposed during the 1970s by the strongman Marcos were absolutely government funds that could be used only for the coconut industry.

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Mr. Aquino’s comfort-zone presidency

By John Nery

Shortly after President Aquino marked his 100th day in office, in 2010, I wrote a column attempting an analysis of the new commander in chief’s self-evidently well-defined sense of limits. The unfortunate controversy over his decision to omit Tacloban City from his packed schedule commemorating the first anniversary of “Yolanda” over the weekend reminded me of that attempt; perhaps (if you will allow me) it bears a second look.

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MY STORY | Surviving Yolanda and the city of the dead

By Lottie Salarda

TACLOBAN CITY, Philippines — Let me do away with bragging rights first. I can proudly say I am one of the toughest persons on earth after surviving the strongest storm ever to make landfall.

Having said that, I will never forget the glass windows of our station exploding in front of us, as if a bomb had gone off, and then the seawater rushing in, flooding the building as it was then the city around us.

Everyone was in a panic not knowing what to do as we tried to save ourselves.

We swam, held on to anything we could, trying to evade flying debris and crashing waves, painfully pounded by the needle-like rain.

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The ANC Presents-Fail

By Katrina S.S.

THERE is no overstating the fact that on the anniversary of Haiyan what is demanded of us is a reckoning. It should be a time to look honestly at what has been done, what remains neglected, and in what state the survivors have been left. It is a time for truthfully assessing what it was that government did wrong, how – despite insisting that they warned the people of Samar and Leyte about the magnitude of the storm – government itself was unprepared for Haiyan.

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pemberton in JUSMAG, camp aguinaldo

pemberton, who is said to be under US custody, was flown to a compound of the Joint United States Military Assistance Group (JUSMAG) in Camp Aguinaldo but no Filipino has yet seen him, it would seem.  dati na bang may JUSMAG compound sa loob ng kampo?  if yes, ah so, has it been there forever?  if no, umm, is this a case then of “joint use of miltary facilities” provided for in the enhanced VFA aka EDCA?  umiiral na ba, operational na ba, ang EDCA?  just asking.

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