binay vs. binay-campos (the abby road)

listened to abby binay-campos on karen davila’s headstart.  my smpathies go to jojo binay.

this is what dynasty has come to.  abby says she worked so hard to do all the things she has accomplished for the city of makati, so it’s unfair that she’s being asked not to run for re-election, as in, paano na ang projects niya, something about a subway and free wifi, e baka di na matuloy, sayang naman.

crazy, right?  para namang hindi niya kapatid ang ibig makabalik sa puwesto.  bakit hindi itutuloy ni junjun ang mga project na nasimulan na kung para sa ikauunlad at ikaliligaya ng makati?  iyan na nga mismo ang rationale, ang advantage, ng dynasty rule, di ba, yung built-in continuity ng leadership ng isang angkang nagkakaisa, with the good of their constituents in mind.  but wait.  heto naman si junjun, saying the same thing, gusto daw niya tapusin yung mga nasimulan niya na apparently ay hindi itinuloy ni abby.  eh iyon naman pala.

life was simpler back when dad jejomar aka jojo, the original mayor binay, went national and became veep: the lines were clearly drawn, it seemed to me.  jojo left the mayor’s seat to junjun, abby went to congress, and nancy made it to the senate.  hati-hating kapatid, kumbaga.  ang kaso, into his second term, sometime 2015, nakasuhan si junjun sa ombudsman at na-suspend; saglit nakaupong mayor si oppositionist vice mayor kid pena.  noong 2016 elections, di pa puwede si junjun, dinidinig pa ang kaso, so si abby ang tumakbo in his place.  kaysa mapunta sa iba, di ba.  syempre, as with any dynasty, ang mantra.

perfect timing naman dahil kaga-graduate ni abby sa congress (one of two makati seats), three terms na, so ang asawang si luis campos ang tumakbo in her place, na nanalo siyempre.  kumbaga, bonus na kay abby yung biglang run-for-mayor-and-win.  ang problema ngayon, she’s enjoying herself much too much (and we can guess why) and simply doesn’t want to give it up / back to junjun now that junjun wants city hall back.  she practically tells junjun to clear his name first (or something like that) before going back to public service.  in a statement, meron pang:

when she took over as mayor two years ago, Makati was “in a state of neglect and disorder… worse, dirty politics and shameless political patronage had taken their toll on basic social services.”

teka.  the year before she took over was the year when acting mayor kid pena couldn’t get anything done because binay supporters in and out of city hall were forever blocking him on every front imaginable.  dirty politics din iyon at dirty politics pa rin ang namamayani sa makati (like everywhere else), or at least that’s the maugong na chismis.

and now here’s junjun on headstart.  hindi pala siya bilib sa subway project ni abby, cute and fancy, but is it viable?  AND he reinforced some chismis i’ve been getting from three different grapevines about abby’s hubby who’s running for re-election sa congress, nag-e-enjoy din, I suppose, and abby doesn’t have the heart to ask for her seat back, pero si junjun kayang-kaya niya?

OR the chismis goes, okay lang kay campos na bumalik sa congress si abby but he wants to run for mayor in abby’s place?  junjun does not say it in so many words but he certainly says a mouthful.

my father doesn’t like him, may mga issues with him, may nga nagsasabi sa father ko na may sinasabi na hindi maganda tungkol sa family. … I’m sure he has his own ambitions. Isa yan sa naging isyu dun sa ground. Naging isyu yan… my brother in law. Meron siyang iba ring agenda eh.   Which is, hindi namin gusto ang agenda niya, it wont be good for the city.

and yet jojo in his wisom has refused to rule, or even just remind, that city hall is junjun’s, congress is abby’s – the husband is abby’s problem.  i’m still trying to figure out why.

sabi naman ni rene saguisag who was with jojo sa comelec.

The other day Mayor Abby Binay filed her CONA. The day before, JunJun, her brother, did. Normally, one may say that the Binays and the Estradas enjoy the paradise of pedigree, but not this time. How I wish they could find a way to reconcile, but a Prez Duterte, Mayor Duterte and Vice Mayor Duterte?

hard to sympathize with either binay or binay-campos.  much easier to sympathize with the poor people of makati, and of davao, and poor people everywhere in this benighted land, who aren’t really being given a choice any longer, kept largely without options, caught in the cruel trap set by dynasties who mean to rule forever.

tony lopez rightly asks, what has been the impact of dynastic rule?

Is it a coincidence that the Philippines has one of the worst income equality ratios in the world, that it is the only major country that failed to solve its poverty after the entire world solved its poverty in 2015, that in ASEAN, it has the highest poverty incidence, the highest unemployment rate, the highest inflation rate, the highest interest rates, and the lowest level of foreign investments?

no coincidence.  more like cause and effect.  political dynasties enrich the dynasty at the expense of the masses.  at the expense of democracy.  which makes ours a poor and fake democracy.

sibling rivalry, the abby & junjun show

it happens in the best of families.  siblings grow apart, each to one’s own life.  ideally the blood-and-flesh bond and the shared upbringing and values prove tight, and are passed on; ideally the family remains united across nuclear units, down generations.  but this is rare.  especially among families dealing with inheritance and entitlement issues, sincere sibling rivalries are not surprising, if not the norm.

in the case of the binays, we are seeing how bad it can get when sibs squabble over the mayor’s seat.  why can’t abby and junjun just take turns?   e kasi, hindi sila bati.  parang mga bata except that the stakes are so high.  each thinks he/she has the upper hand, abby because as far as she knows everything’s good and everyone’s happy in makati under her watch, junjun because he has supporters from the mayor’s office telling him it’s otherwise, pipol miss the binay PR that abby doesn’t have, or so it is said.

imbiyerna si abby, of course, at parang nakwerdasan.  kesyo kung me diperensiya pala ang palakad niya sa makati, bakit hindi siya sinabihan ni junjun, then she could have done something about it, or something like that.  and kesyo her brother forgets yata that he is banned from running for or holding public office, remember that graft case?  eh, teka, say ng COMELEC okay lang because the case is still on appeal.

so, binay vs. binay sa makati.  ay mali.  binay vs. campos, say ni junjun. (campos is abby’s married name, which no doubt helped win hubby luis one of two makati seats in congress.)  SEXIST! tili ni abby,  binay daw siya forever!  yeah right, but campos too, when it suits her.  no sympathy from women, i’m afraid.

the real question is, totoo ba na abby has dad jojo’s ok to run for re-election?  totoo ba ang tsismis na si abby ang favorite ni jojo, sorry na lang si junjun?  but we don’t know that for sure yet.  magfa-family council pa daw, say ni senator nancy; it will be a collective decision.

but ‘twould be interesting to see this abby-junjun show to a decisive finish.  kulang nga ba sa karinyo si abby?  may panalo nga ba si junjun?  it might even be kinda solomonic with a twist, as in, go fight each other, go make spectacles of yourselves, binay vs. binay, never mind how bad it makes the family look, and let the people decide.  my god, makati will rock and, maybe, crack, who knows.  maybe it’s how to undo a dynasty.

gloria’s golpe-de-gulat

sinabayan pa talaga ni madam speaker ang red october eklat ng militar.  na-deja-vu ako.  in the run-up to erap’s ouster, then vp gloria conspired (or maybe just met often), it is said, with some generals intending to withdraw support from erap (five different factions daw).  and we know how very far that got her.

this time around she’s house speaker and pushing her version of a federal constitution and perceived to be fast-tracking a constituent assembly, never mind the senate, what senate, just in time for a rev-gov situation it would seem, na di pa pala binibitawan ng mga ka-DDS.  read lito monico lorenzana’s Duterte is not a Marcos.

but wait.  just 2 months ago she announced that it was too late for chacha and federalism, lalo na’t kailangan pa ng info campaign at ng plebiscite.  read Speaker Arroyo: Not enough time for charter change of aug 16.

Arroyo has described as “black propaganda” the claim of some senators and critics that she is eyeing the position of prime minister under a federal system.

“I think those who are raising those issues are those that want to stir controversy,” Arroyo said. “As far as elections are concerned, I’ve already said I’m not in favor of term extension, so I’m not in favor of no-el (no elections).”

In the first place, Arroyo said there is no such position in the setup recommended by Duterte’s consultative committee on Cha-cha, which she added was federal-presidential.

… Arroyo has stopped Veloso’s committee from drafting its own version of a new Constitution. “It’s waste of time. That should be done by the assembly,” Arroyo told committee members during a meeting of the panel, which she attended.

“So now we will work with Senate President (Vicente) Sotto and fellow senators on how to move forward,” she said.

anong nangyari between then and now.  obviously hello gloria and and her gang continued anyway to draft the house version of a federal constitution — with input from senate prez sotto and his gang, possibly?  Resolution of Both Houses No. 15! — just in case?

plan B siguro, in case bongbong doesn’t make it to veep.  how else to circumvent leni’s lawful succession except by adopting gloria’s proposed charter providing that in the transition to federalism-kuno under a rev-gov, the president in case of death or illness or incapacity will be succeeded by the senate president, not by vp leni.  a draft charter that is already so controversial, even self-servingly obscene, on so many points, like, wow, no-term-limits for reps and senators, parang dictatorship of the dynasties, among other unthinkables.  at parang di pinoproblema na baka di tanggapin ng publiko.  siguro walang plebiscite, a la marcos, people’s assemblies lang where people raise their hands when asked who wants rice, ehe, who likes the new saligang batas?

and then of course we have to factor in duterte’s health problem — he ain’t looking or sounding good — that, if taken with his expressed complaints about how hard the job is, and how he’s willing to give it all up right now, just say the word, puts the succession question squarely on the table.  read raissa robles’s IF DUTERTE IS TOO ILL TO LEAD THE PHILIPPINES, WHO IS NEXT IN LINE FOR POWER? 

Among those positioning themselves for leadership are Vice-President Leni Robredo, the opposition Liberal Party which she now heads, and members of the Magdalo Group as well as moderate left-wing Akbayan and civil society groups.

Second is former senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jnr and his mother, Congresswoman Imelda Marcos, and sister, Ilocos Sur Governor Imee Marcos.

Next comes the Davao group, headed by Duterte’s daughter, Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte, and other Duterte loyalists. These include retired military officers, sitting public officials and diehard civilian Duterte supporters.

Fourth is House Speaker and former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and her political allies, while fifth is the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army and the National Democratic Front and its above-ground organisations.

vp robredo is next in the line of succession, no ifs or buts.  ang problema, duterte won’t step down kung si leni ang papalit sa kanya.  duterte wants someone like bongbong, like chiz? who will guarantee that he won’t go to jail for any crimes he might have committed while president.  thus this impasse that seems to be headed for a breaking point, with some prodding, it would seem, from hello gloria.  under her proposed charter, she can run again for any office she wants, though she says she won’t, she’ll be writing her memoir, but who knows, maybe she’s lying as usual.

and then, again, maybe she’ll get her wish to write a book, maybe her chacha won’t fly, too outrageous.  or maybe the case against her majority floor leader rolando andaya filed sa ombudsman by DDS commissioner greco belgica is just the first of many such SALN-related cases.

“Marami siyang hindi na-declare na baril, mga sasakyan, mga properties, lahat po ‘yun. We saw na hindi na-declare na maayos,” Belgica said, referring to Andaya’s SALN for 2016 and 2017.

reminds me of a congressman caught on video welcoming newly elected ones to congress with the line, “this is the life, guys!” or something to that effect.  if memory serves, nakagalitan siya, at napahiya, tried to take back his words.  sino na nga ‘yon?

the gloves are off.  labo-labo na.


red joktober

jok as in joke.  not to make light of the threat, because it IS  a threat, allegedly from the communist left in coalition with other leftists and oppositionists right and center.  but it is funny that instead of doing something about it, nipping it in the bud, ika nga, the military brass is making them sumbong to us, the public.  and it is funny that no one seems to know anything about a wondrous coalition happening anytime soon.  unless katrina and i are so out of the loop?  if yes, that’s really hilarious, and kinda pathetic.  if no, and wala talagang any opposition-coalition cooking, then we should wonder why the military brass refuses to drop it.  we should wonder why it is in the interest of the military to put us all on red alert, so to speak.

“Ang nakikita namin (What we are seeing) is the President is being dragged to declare martial law nationwide, [and] most probably a revolutionary government,” Galvez said during a Senate hearing on the budget of the Department of National Defense.

that’s afp chief of staff carlito galvez, PMA class ’85, who leads the intense information campaign vs all opposition to and criticism of the duterte administration, including film showings and plays depicting the military as killers and torturers.  galvez has no problem facing the cameras and spinning a tale of conspiracy and chaos to come, in effect telling us to brace and prepare ourselves, something’s going down.

i remember galvez from the 1989 coup attempt, one of the young officers who was with honasan (in coalition with marcos loyalists) in staging the bloodiest attempt to topple cory aquino.  reported were ninety-nine (99) killed and 570 wounded.

Participants of the December 1989 coup later blamed perceived deficiencies in the Aquino government in areas such as graft and corruption, bureaucratic inefficiency, and lenient treatment of communist insurgents as the reasons for the coup. [Davide Commission Report 470]

to my mind, every one of those coup attempts in the time of cory was either enrile-RAM and/or marcos-loyalist instigated to undo the mistake enrile made in EDSA of supporting cory’s claim to the presidency instead of just grabbing the power.  wala lang sa kanila ang bloodshed, okay lang, as we saw in ’89.  galit na, pa, rin sila noon sa komunista and they hated cory for not heeding enrile’s and FVR’s advice not to release all political detainees, joma and ka dante in particular.  and they hated that there were leftists in cory’s cabinet.

it’s been almost 30 years, the amnestied galvez is now AFP chief of staff in the time of duterte.  his latest sumbong is really a lament about the image of the military.

The propaganda that there is a “looming dictatorship” under Duterte is delivered to the students through film showings and plays in the campus, he said.

“Nakikita natin na parang they are branding the government. May dramatization na ‘yung martial law nung Marcos regime, then they associated it to the current administration,” the AFP chief said.

Galvez admitted that the military committed “many abuses during the 1972 declaration of martial law,” but assured the public that the institution has “changed a lot.”

“It’s very unfair for us. ‘Yung tinatawag nating martial law ngayon, pinag-iigi namin,” he said.

“Nakita natin during the Marawi crisis, we declared martial law Mindanao-wide. Talagang ‘yung rules of engagement, ‘yung human rights talagang we are promoting it,” he said.

so, is the good general advocating censorship?  and does he really think marawi is anything to brag about?  and what exactly is general galvez warning us about here in the metro?  expect a bombing here, a bombing there, an ambush here, an ambush there, that duterte will blame on the communists, sabay impose martial law nationwide, and declare a revolutionary government thereafter a la cory?  and then, what?  annoint a successor, and then step down?  bongbong takes over, backed by a military junta?  ito ba ang pinapangarap ni galvez at ng sandatahang lakas?

it’s like galvez and his ilk are caught in a time warp, aching for the good old marcosian days when the military reigned violently supreme.  as though EDSA never happened, as though we have not seen for ourselves that soldiers can be disarmed by great numbers of unarmed people ready to die for country.

galvez et al should have taken the cue instead from FVR who considered EDSA a way of atonement for his role in martial law.  EDSA could have occasioned a reinvention of the military as a force in the service of the people and not in the service of a repressive oppressive state.

level up naman, mga sir.  hindi komunista ang matinding kaaway kundi kahirapan at korupsyon, economic and environment policies that favor the rich, foreign policies that favor foreign interests, at kung anoano pang systemic flaws begging for change.

konting nuance please, mr. general.  ano ba talaga ang agenda?  ma-so-solve ba ang inflation, high prices, falling peso?  dumadaing na ang bayan.  pahirap nang pahirap ang buhay.  we’re not in the mood for bad jokes.