why teddy

… it is ideology that allows Teddy to have a clear sense of a framework for nation, one that allows him to actually run on a platform. And when I say that, I mean that there is an answer to problems, there are clear solutions to the crises upon crises that this nation faces. When I say ideological, I mean that his is a platform that doesn’t talk about national issues as if these are disparate from each other; instead it reminds us about how everything is connected and how fundamental change has to mean working with these connections, working on the idea of systemic change. 


  1. GabbyD


    what do you think about casiño’s refusal to call the NPA out for using violence?

    he is basically saying that the NPA’s actions are justified because they are fighting a war. do u agree?

    • jojie

      Do you also agree the systemic social injustice like “hoodlums in robes”, hoodlums in uniform,military human rights violations,selective land reform, a dysfunctional govt favoring the political elite not a form of violence????

      • GabbyD

        it is a “form of” violence, but it isnt violence.

        but you think its the same, which is very scary. i’m glad you dont have any means to commit largescale violence, because clearly you would wholeheartedly endorse it.

        • jojie

          first,only the state has the power to commit a large scale violence and it has the ability to commit social injustice to its citizens that I define justification for the use of violence. if you agree that it is a form of violence, How else can you protect yourself from violence if the state agency which is mandated to protect you is the same perpetrator who inflicts pain physically and psychologically to helplesscitizens

      • manuel buencamino


        But any system will always favor the political elite. The favoring or the form of violence is only a matter of degrees ranging from absolute such as those in monarchies and totalitarian states like China, North Korea, etc. to SEA democracies like Malaysia, Philippines, etc to Scandinavian countries etc. The goal is to move towards less favoritism. But no favoritism at all simply does not exist, although many so-called advanced democracies claim otherwise.