walden bello: the pro-RH forces are not without weapons

We are halting the consideration of all other legislative matters, including privileged speeches, unless the bill moves forward to a vote.  We will place the onus for the legislative stalemate on the anti-democratic dilatory moves of the anti-RH minority.  Some of us are considering even suspending the consideration of the national budget, but only as a last resort, if the anti-RH lobby does not see the light. 


    • i disagree with romualdez when he writes: “The phrase “faith and freedom” reflected the image that Catholics tried to project to their fellow Americans – that there was no conflict between their religious loyalty to the Vatican and their secular allegiance to the United States of America.”

      freedom there represents religious freedom, and how important religious freedom is in the United States. So he’s twisting the meaning/significance of this phrase to write introduce his column.