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01 January 2009

here’s to a happy new year, even if things are likely to get worse before they get better.   and here’s good stuff i found on the web trending into 2009 by professional astrologer steven mcfadden. excerpts:

… the major planetary patterns that characterize the coming years: the recent entry of Pluto into the sign of Capricorn until the year 2024, and the ongoing, dynamic opposition of Saturn and Uranus for next two years…

The numbers of the year 2009 add up to an 11 – a Master Number year.  Master Numbers (11, 22, 33, etc.) are especially vibrant and intense.  When a Master Number characterizes a period of time, it’s understood that the general energy patterns of that period demand more of people, while also representing the potential to give more in return…

The numerological vibration of 2009 is a mirror, or equivalent, of…the basic vibrational signature symbolized by the Saturn-Uranus opposition (2008-2010).  As above, so below on our Earth: the opposition signals forceful encounters with reality and unavoidable demands;it also crackles with electric opportunities to go forward, creating new ways to live, to organize and to govern ourselves…

Big shift.  Big changes.  No road map.  But there are paths…

…a healthy goal to embrace for the year ahead is acceptance — acceptance of major changes and new situations.  We are well underway with an unavoidable process of re-defining our security, prosperity, consumption, power, and also corporate identity and function in the world.  That’s reality, and there is value in swiftly and gracefully accepting it.  Staying stuck in wishing that things would not change, being stubborn and resisting change, blaming others and refusing to forgive, will be problematic stances that function as obstacles to optimum adaptation.

…an effective way to work toward the goal of acceptance in the year ahead, is through observation.  While there may be no road map for the changes, a mode of observation would tend to restrainimpulsive or panicky behavior.  By observing what is happening, and then responding carefully and pragmatically to new conditions, what needs to be done gets done.

…a markedly emotional year, a human intensity that would be mirrored in substantial earth change and climate events, with a predominant theme of water (too much water as in the case of heavy rains and floods, too little water as in the case of shortages or drought, or ice shifts as in the case of Earth’s Poles).

…we haven’t seen anything yet.  Much more is to come.  [But] avoid latching on to that nugget of prophecy…for the year ahead also brings great opportunity.

…in 2009 we reach a tipping point for spiritual awakening and for dynamic, positive sustainable initiatives.  Critical mass approaching.

Saturn in opposition to Uranus unfolds five times, marking a span of time when the forces of change and revolution directly confront forces representing the status quo.  Uranus mandates change and innovation.  Saturn tends to resist it.  When these planetary Titans are in opposition, the clash is on…

In celestial collaboration with the long sojourn of Pluto through Capricorn (2008-2024), the Saturn-Uranus opposition symbolizes a foundational shift in consciousness over the globe, evolving most of us inexorably from ideological debates and risky, unsustainable economic behaviors, into a time characterized by an unavoidable need to respond to Earthly realities via pragmatism, restraint, and discipline.  The imminent questions revolve not around whose God, cosmology, or philosophy is right, but rather what works?  What puts shoes on your feet, a coat on your back, and a glass of clean water on your table?”

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