can obama?

president-elect barack obama’s promise of change-yes-we-can will be tested bigtime by the israel-palestine crisis the moment he steps into office.   will he, as pundits predict, go the way of bush and continue to support israel’s wars?  on matters where he agrees with bush, as on the economic stimulus package and the mumbai massacre, obama has spoken up.  but on israel’s invasion of the gaza strip he has pleaded one-president-at-a-time, no-comment, which could mean he disagrees with current policy.  silence is golden.   maybe.

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  1. jojie-riyadh

    Predictably, obama must follow the US eternal partnership with Israel and support Israel’s right to pre-emptive strikes as defensive moves. However,obama’s concern over the sufferings of civilian and children is a sign that he will not tolerate further violent acts. Obama must mediate between two belligerent groups and he has the option to reach out to Hamas, the legitimate party that won in the most democratic election held in Palestine last year. Unfortunately, Israel doesnt want to give Hamas elbow room to take power by branding it as a terrorist group and illegal in the eyes of the world.