the finger of marwan

at monday’s senate hearing napeñas said that he didn’t get to see marwan’s finger.  when he asked for it, he was told that it was already on the way to general santos city where FBI agents were waiting.

tuesday, when senator loren asked why the finger was turned over to the FBI and not to our NBI, napeñas declined to answer because of “security implications.”  he requested an executive session instead, and the senators had no objection — i guess they like knowing important stuff that the rest of us ordinary mortals are not allowed to know.

i would think the answer to why the finger was turned over to the FBI is simple.  our NBI does not have the technology for DNA analysis, or the DNA files of marwan’s family to seek a match with.

the question really is, bakit ang bilis na nakarating ng daliri sa mga kano?  bakit ni hindi man lang ipinaalam muna kay napeñas bago i-turn over sa mga kano?  because the kano was already around and didn’t want to wait?  where exactly were they?


  1. john c. jacinto

    Pati ba naman daliri, pinagkakaabalahan pang fingerin? Ang mahalaga ay natiyak na kay Marwan nga ‘yung daliri na yun thru DNA testing at napagtibay na siya yung napatay sa Mamasapano.

    Isa din ba itong “dahilan” para isigaw ang Aquino Resign? Swerte naman ng anay.

  2. Batang Genyo-Ala-eh

    Kailangan i submit sa FBI cover agents as proof of evidence pag-claim ng US$6 million reward to who ever SAF chief will endorse as the informer on the whereabouts of the target whose information were kept close secret to Ex-PNP Chief Purisma only.