strike two

oh my, the “sassy” one strikes again. how boring. pwedeng di na lang patulan pero on second thought, why not, lalo na’t baka isipin niyang tama siya porke walang response.

having trained in psychology, i cannot but read “tyranny of the insecure” as a demonstration of freud’s “defense mechanisms” (projection and intellectualization, in particular) – the product of a mind feeling “undermined” and “threatened” by criticism. in effect most of what she says applies to herself mismo, if she would only see.

infinitely more interesting, actually, is that she manages – by sticking to generalities – to steer away from the language issue she raised against ka amado’s mga ibong mandaragit, as though that’s all been settled in her favor and there is nothing more to say. (it’s called “being in denial,” another defense mechanism.)

in fact, nothing’s settled in her favor. contrarily, the sentiment is remarkably, wonderfully, pro-mandaragit, such as jaywalker‘s comment to salamat, “sassy”:

This is a classic caseof one spitting against the wind……… naturally it goes smack in ones’ face, lol. . . . So now we know, to increase the sales of Filipiniana books all one has to do is to get sassy to read it, enough for her to rant about it and voila… success.”