Burma’s boatpeople ‘faced choice of annihilation or risking their lives at sea’
Emma Graham-Harrison

Thousands of members of the Rohingya, a Burmese minority group, are now adrift in the Andaman Sea, with aid groups fearing ‘boatloads of corpses’.  They were carried or staggered ashore, some paralysed by malnutrition, others little more than walking skeletons, burnt and dazed from weeks at sea on boats the UN has called “floating coffins”.

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  1. manuelbuencamino

    Totoo yan. Remember we accepted Jewish refugees when no other country in the world would accept them. We would have taken more Jews were it not for the forceful opposition of the then Nazi-leaning US State Department. Remember the Rockefellers, the Harrimans, major US banks were doing business with the Nazis at the time.