Oddball http://jesserobredo.wordpress.com/

jesse robredo was a blogger pala from october 2007 to august 2009 — take that, tito sotto!    the blog Oddball has 31 entries that i intend to copy-and-paste and save and comb through.  i hope it will tell us, or hint at, his thoughts on the economy, the peso-dollar exchange, VAT, the energy problem, foreign affairs, china, america, trapos, the pork barrel, at kung ano-ano’t sino-sino pa.  too bad he stopped blogging after that last entry on cory’s death.  i guess we all know why.

thanks to raissa robles and commenter @noggy for sharing.


  1. jojie-die hard Pinoy

    Thanks for sharing. Now we have an insight on Jesse’s template for good governance.

    Congrats for you launching of “The Filipino is Worth blogging For”

  2. In a 2007 PCIJ interview…

    One of the problems the first time was the issue of patronage. Has it been totally cast away?

    I think, in a sense, no. But in many ways, yes. In City hall the bureaucracy here is based on merit.

    My role is always ministerial, when we fill a permanent position in city hall, they go through a selection process that involves a representative from the employees association. Ninety-nine percent of the time, the person they recommend is appointed. So my role most of the time is ministerial.

    On the other hand, let me also say that we have not removed it totally. Because for instance, I do kasal, binyag, libing. But you know I don’t give personal gifts to all of these. The libing thing is charged to City hall.

    The kasal, binyag is charged to my presence. The only thing I can give them is my personal presence. Beyond that, none. And I think most people know that when they invite me to be a wedding sponsor, baptism sponsor, it has been a practice that I just attend. I do not provide gifts to them.

    The libing thing is patronage in the sense that we provide burial assistance to people who need it. We allow free burial at the city cemetery.