21 November 2011

Starting tomorrow, November 21, RH Advocates from various organizations will occupy the park across the South Wing Gate of Congress, and launch a massive and sustained campaign to remind our Senators and Members of Congress of the urgency to vote on the Reproductive Health Bill before the year ends.

Pro-RH lawmakers, celebrities, artists, government officials, civil society and non-government groups, business, academe, youth, religious and non-religious sectors will show their support at this mass action, and advocates will camp out in front of the South Wing Gate for as long as it takes for their voices to be heard.

check out also the youtube teaser.  calling out congress!  hala, madaliin at tapusin na yang mga debate-debate.  ipasa na ang RH bill!

ipasA, mabilis, accent on the last syllable, please.  not ipAsa, malumay, as i’ve already heard it pronounced twice today, which means to leave it to the next person or congress, definitely not!

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  1. November 21, 2011 at 1:58 pm

    Sotto is the Church’s condom against the RH Bill

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